Turkey suspends all ties with France over passed Armenian genocide bill

Even Members of the French Parliament doubt the Armenian Genocide allegedly committed by Ottoman, as only 50 of the 557 members voted yesterday the Genocide bill
Even Members of the French Parliament doubt the Armenian Genocide allegedly committed by Ottoman, as only 50 of the 557 members voted yesterday the Genocide bill

French’s controversial Armenian Genocide bill urges Turkey to stop all diplomatic consultations and military dealings with that country after the lower house of the French Parliament made it a crime to deny Ottomans alleged Armenian Genocide in 1915.

Paris / NationalTurk – The Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan, announced Ankara government has rescinded an agreement allowing French military planes to land, and warships to dock, in the country, whichs brings the conflict over a “Armenian genocide bill” proposed in France to the NATO level.

French Armenian Genocide Bill : Only 50 MPs of 577 voted the bill

There was no official vote count since lawmakers simply voted by raising their hands. The measure now goes to the Senate, where its fate is less clear. There were only 50 deputies out of 577 present in French Parliament’s lower house during the bill vote. Only less than 10 % of the French cabinet had participated in the vote, which reflects how one sided the vote is regarded even by French deputies. 6 of them voted against the bill, the rest of 44 members, including Nicolas Sarkozy, and Valerie Boyer the mastermind behind the bill along with Sarkozy’s lackeys.

Sarkozy the ever coward : Abuse of Algerian Genocide Claim for his Presidential seat

Turkey announced it cancelled bilateral military and economic cooperation and suspended all bilateral political consultation with France, describing the French vote as doing politics via racism and xenophobia ahead of presidential elections to gain the votes of Armenians in France. Sarkozy is clearly calculating for votes of Armenians in France for the upcoming France Presidential Elections.

“It is impossible for Turkey to remain silent in face of this extremely intentional decision taken on false motives in France,” Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, declared in a televised statement. “We stop all kinds of political dialogue with France, cancel bilateral military functions and joint exercises with that country as of now.”

Armenian Genocide Bill passed by France : Turkey furious & cuts ties with imprudent French

“We are re-evaluating our relations with France. We will take step-by-step measures, depending on how the situation unfolds”, continued PM Erdogan, accusing French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s ruling party of “politics based on racism, discrimination, xenophobia.”
Turkey has frozen all contacts with France, and canceled any joint political, economic and military projects with the EU country. This includes joint maneuvers and an economic committee meeting in Paris in January.

Relations between Turkey and France began taking a turn for the worse after President Nicolas Sarkozy took office in 2007, and Turkish officials see political motives in his increasingly nationalist stance against Turkish accession to the European Union and his support for the genocide denial law, despite the fact that Sarkozy’s opposition to full membership for Turkey is shared across the French political spectrum. Though the proposed bill cites genocides in general, Ankara believes the law targets the 1915 ethnic cleansing of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire – which Ankara denies to qualify as genocide. In 2006, France’s National Assembly passed a similar bill, though it was voted down by the Senate.

The French bill requires a fine of 45,000 euros, or about $58,700, and a year in jail for “those who have praised, denied or roughly and publicly downplayed genocidal crimes, crimes against humanity and war crimes.” It is not expected to be considered by the upper house until after the new year.

Turkish PM Erdogan has confirmed Ankara is withdrawing the country’s Ambassador to France. The ambassador, Tahsin Burcuoglu, is to leave on Friday. Access to Turkish airspace and military bases has been reduced to case-by-case scheme.

French Foreign Affairs Minister Alain Juppe has called Turkey not to “overreact” to the outcome of the vote, urging for “good sense and moderation,” reports Reuters.

Turkey : French committed Genocide in Algeria

Underscoring Turkey’s anger, Erdogan accused France on Friday of committing genocide in Algeria during its rule there before independence in 1962. The Associated Press quoted him as saying that French colonists massacred Algerians and burned their bodies in ovens.

The bill, proposing a penalty of up to one year in jail and a fine of 45,000 euro ($58,870) to those who deny or “outrageously minimize” sufferings due to genocide, now awaits ratification in the French Senate. The law may just as well die there, as was the fate of an earlier draft this year.

Before the vote in the French Parliament, Turkey warned of “grave consequences” for France if the law is adopted. As both countries are members of NATO, the row could complicate relations within the bloc.

France and Turkey have been cooperating on dealing with the Iranian nuclear stand-off, and crises in Syria and Afghanistan. Paris still considers Ankara a key partner in the NATO bloc, despite frictions between the two during the Libyan campaign, when Turkey contested France’s leadership over the operation.

France is Turkey’s fifth biggest export market and the sixth biggest source of its imports, so the effects of a breakdown in relations could be major both for politicians and businessmen.

Turkey never will pay one cent to Armenia for Alleged Genocide, because ever mischief-maker France says so

Turkey had no choice but to react strongly to the bill, as it raises risks that the country will have to pay massive reparations to Armenians. In the US, several individual lawsuits against Turkey have been already ruled in the Armenians’ favor, obliging Ankara to pay damages to the victims of the genocide, the analyst says.

That Erdogan took such pronounced steps before the bill had become law underscores the obstacles facing Turkey’s reach for a new international profile and its long-frustrated efforts to join the European Union.

Saying ‘There is no Armenian Genocide’ is a crime in these countries !

More than 15 countries have officially recognized the slaughter of about 1.5 million Armenians in the chaos surrounding World War I and the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire as genocide, and its denial is already a crime in Switzerland and Slovenia.

Turkey acknowledges atrocities without any specific death toll, but says that they did not constitute systematic genocide. It argues that such a declaration should be a matter before an international committee of historians with access to state archives.

Turkey’s own penal code makes affirming the genocide a crime on the grounds that it is an insult to Turkish identity. In March, Orhan Pamuk, a Nobel Prize winner, was fined 7,000 lira, about $3,700, for his statement in a Swiss newspaper that “we have killed 30,000 Kurds and 1 million Armenians.”

France has cowardness written all over its DNA, just as France’s moves to outlaw denial of the Armenian genocide carry special weight, given the leading role Paris has played for the last six years in assessing Turkey’s readiness to join the European Union.

Television stations here followed the vote in live broadcasts from Paris, showing parliamentary debates in a barely filled hall and people protesting outside, waving Turkish flags behind security barriers. Another group of protesters gathered in front of the French Embassy in Ankara to lay a black wreath and chant slogans against France, according to NTV, a private television network.

Turkish lawmakers joined to denounce the bill and called on France to investigate its own atrocities in Algeria and Rwanda. Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the bill violated the spirit of the French Revolution and European principles like freedom of speech.

Turkey France Relations Hit Rock Bottom

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said he had recalled Turkey’s ambassador and canceled the annually issued permission for French military planes to use Turkish airspace and French naval vessels to enter Turkish harbors. The move means that French military planes will need to apply for permission for each flight. Turkey also refused to cooperate with France in joint European Union projects or participate in a joint economic summit meeting scheduled to take place in Paris in January.

“We will go and talk to every single Armenian against the bigotry stance France has taken. We will tell them how France and other countries create trouble among us,” Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoğlu added.

Bernard Valero, the spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry, said that France “deplored all the announcements” made by Mr. Erdogan and regretted the recall of the Turkish ambassador from Paris, and he stressed the need for cooperation on a range of issues, including the unrest in Syria, the future of Afghanistan and Iran’s nuclear aspirations.

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