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Intel for infamous Uludere raid in eastern Turkey came from US officials

Victims of Uludere raid were not terrorists but smugglers
US Intel fail : Victims of Uludere raid were not terrorists but smugglers

The bungled and infamous Uludere air raid that killed 34 civilians in December 2011 was carried out by Turkish air forces after receiving intel from Pentagon, US, according to The Wall Street Journal’s report.

Washington / NationalTurk – U.S. authorities at Pentagon imformed their Turkish counterparts in Ankara after one of their own spy drones ‘ managed to spot men and pack animals passing ‘ the report states. The location of the air raid, well known as a route frequented by PKK ( so called Kurdistan Workers’ Party) terrorists, proded U.S. officials to pass on the intelligence to Turkish officials.

Although a U.S. officer told The Wall Street Journal that the decision to launch the airstrike had been made by the Turks, not the Americans, the report further mentiones the military collaboration between US and Turkish forces, incl. U.S. drone actions that have been part of that arrangement between two allies signed in 2007.

Victims of Uludere raid were not terrorists but smugglers

34 victims at Uludere, most of them not older than 20, were bombed and ripped up to pieces after being mistaken for militants or terrorists of the terrorist organization of the outlawed PKK. Later it turned out they were actually local villagers involved in the smuggling of small goods from Iraq – a widespread practice even a line of lucrative business in the impoverished region which is hit by PKK terror for nearly 2 decades.

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