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Turkey:Foundation of PM Erdogan’s son Bilal received huge million donation / Breaking News

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, accompanied by his son Bilal and daughter Sumeyye, greets his supporters in Ankara

New scandal in Turkey: 100 million dollars have flowed to the foundation of Bilal Erdogan – the son of the prime minister. The money comes from abroad, the opposition suspects corruption.

The Turkish government has confirmed one million donation to the foundation of the son of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Over four years, a total of $ 99,999,990 has been paid to the establishment, which works out at about 72 million euros.

Bulent Arinc Deputy Prime Minister explained that the had ” Turkish Foundation for Youth and Education ‘( Türgev ) by Bilal Erdogan received the money from abroad. Who exactly does the money that is not known.
Arinc reacted with his statement to a parliamentary question of the opposition party CHP. The party believed the donation came from the Middle East. She sees this as an indication of corruption and calls for clarification .

Bilal Erdogan has been active in the leadership of the influential foundation. The daughter of the prime minister , Ezra, sits on the board . Already in 2013 there were the first charges against the foundation. You should have acquired , among other things a government land in Istanbul’s Fatih extremely low – and have paid bribes totaling some three million euros in return.

Prime Minister Erdogan has accused critics that the investigation of the finances of the foundation it aims to damage him personally.

In February, appeared on the Internet on a transcript of an alleged telephone conversation between Erdogan and Bilal , in which the two talk about how large sums of money are best to hide from justice . Erdogan dismissed the recording back than manipulation.

The Istanbul prosecutor had sought his detention from the environment of the government under suspicion of corruption in December several suspects . Erdogan called the corruption allegations as conspiracy by followers of the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen , who wanted to overthrow the government.

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