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Turkish Football face fixed championship allegations

Turkish Football face fixed championship allegationsTrabzonspor will appeal to the Turkish Football Federation and FIFA for suspension of Fenerbahçe Istanbul’s Turkish league championship due to match fixing in Turkey.

Turkish Super League runner-ups Trabzonspor will appeal for suspension of Fenerbahçe’s championship referring to that match fixing played a part in the İstanbul team winning its 18th league title.

The exchange of text messages between Ankaragücü footballer Kağan Söylemezgiller and ex Inter and Newcastle United player Emre Belozoglu of Fenerbahçe Istanbul ahead of the teams’ clash in the decisive week of the Turkish League led to allegations of match fixing. Trabzonspor released a statement on its official website this week that they will take the allegations to the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) and FIFA.

Footballers promised sweet deals for not playing

The claims went public after Justice and Development Party Trabzon deputy Kemalettin Göktaş said on a turkish television show that Emre Belozoglu promised a number of Ankaragücü footballers that he would assist them on their future transfers to Fenerbahçe and asked them not to play ‘their best games’ against Fenerbahçe. Joining the same show later, Emre Belozoglu dismissed all accusations and added he did not respect deputy Göktaş’s statements.

The messages were later released in the media by Ankaragucu president Ahmet Gökçek himself in another sports show. Ahmet Gökçek, the son of Ankara’s mayor Melih Gökçek, stated that Fenerbahçe Sports Club cannot be accused for those messages and he is doing a favor Fenerbahce’s president Aziz Yildirim by going public in the issue.

“Don’t let my president [Fenerbahçe President Aziz Yıldırım] be angry,” the messages Emre allegedly sent to the Ankaragücü footballer say. The senders’ name appears to be “Emre” while the messages were sent by Emre Belozoglu ‘s agent Ahmet Bulut’s business partner, Ekrem Okumuş. Ankaragücü president Ahmet Gökçek informed he would present all the details to a public prosecutor, while Okumuş argues that the incident was a joke.

Turkey National Team faces in Euro 2012 qualifier Belgium on Friday this week, Turkey National Emre Belozoglu says he is uncomfortable with the ongoing debates. In an ınterview yesterday, the footballer stated he is not the sender of the text messages to Ankaragücü players before the important game in the Turkish Football League.

Trabzonspor furious about Fenerbahce match fixing in Turkey allegations

Trabzonspor is also requesting an investigation to be opened on Fenerbahçe’s signing of Kardemir Karabükspor’s Nigerian striker Emmanuel Emenike, who attracted severe criticism for not playing in his team’s match against Fenerbahçe in 32. leg of Turkish League. Karabükspor lost 0-1 to Fenerbahçe, speculations indicated that Emenike had already agreed to sign with Fenerbahçe before the game.

Local Trabzon newspapers claim that not only Fenerbahçe’s championship should be suspended by the Turkish Football Federation Fenerbahce should also be relegated, just like Juventus had been relegated after the Serie A match fixing scandal erupted in 2006.


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