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Turkish Football Federation postpones 2011 Super Cup game, league start questionable

Turkish Football Federation postpones 2011 Super Cup game
Turkish Football Federation postpones 2011 Super Cup game

President of Turkish Football Federation (TFF) Mehmet Ali Aydınlar on Tuesday announced that the Turkish Super Cup match between Besiktas and Fenerbahce has been postponed indefinitely.

The game was scheduled to be played as planned between 2011 league champions Fenerbahçe and last season’s Cup winner Beşiktaş. However, Beşiktaş returned the turkish cup trophy to TFF last week, after being a part in the match fixing scandal in Turkey.

Beşiktaş coach Tayfur Havutçu is in jail pending trial on accusations of match-fixing, along with Fenerbahce president, vice president and club’s accountant.

Turkey Football Federation : Back-pedalling from earlier questionable decisions on match fixing probe

The turkish Football federation will also decide again on the fate of the Turkish Super League, which it assured and announced earlier this month to start as planned Aug. 5.

TFF : We will have the evidence on match fixing probe from prosecutors this week

Aydınlar stated on Tuesday that the decision on the fate of the league will be made after the prosecutor office delivers the evidence to the federation, which the TFF expect to occur this week.

Tff publishes all news and developments on match fixing probe on its website, although it is in turkish and english, TFF doesnt’t publish the latest news in english, which also raises eyebrows of a censor from TFF.

Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor : Battle of statements

Earlier, harsh statements from Fenerbahçe and Trabzonspor, last season’s champions and runner up, about the match fixing investigation added to the chaos in Turkey football. Fenerbahçe accused some parties of trying to force the Football Federation to rush a decision, while Trabzonspor distanced itself from the claims, however not without indicating, that no team other than Fenerbahce in the history of turkish football league succeeded in winning 16 of 17 games in the second part of league.


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