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Turkish pianist Fazıl Say’s twitter messages to be investigated in Turkey

Fazıl Say's twitter messages - 'tweets' - which created havoc on all platforms in Turkey
Fazıl Say's twitter messages - 'tweets' - which created havoc on all platforms in Turkey

Turkish-born pianist and composer Fazil Say’s recent twitter messages have been found offensive to Islamic belief and will be investigated in Turkey.

Istanbul / NationalTurk – With an official complaint to the prosecution office in Istanbul, Turkish pianist and composer Fazıl Say is accused of offending Islamic belief and abusing the muslims and possibly causing public resentment with his messages on the social networking site, Twitter.

The accusation also adds Fazıl Say has offended not only Muslims, also Cristians and Jews and that his messages go against the Turkish penal code’s articles of 301 and 1-2; ‘ Instigation the public towards hatred and hostility, insulting religous values ‘

Fazıl Say has been called a prankster, a madcap, sometimes a fraud. Others prefer to call him a multi-faceted virtuoso with a colourful style. As a prolific composer of orchestral and piano solo music and of music for ballet, theatre and cinema, Say often strives to create a bridge between eastern and western musical traditions, an aim also pursued since he was appointed Culture Ambassador by the European Union in 2008.

Fazıl Say’s twitter messages – ‘tweets’ – which created havoc on all platforms in Turkey :

‘ Muezzin 22 saniyede okudu akşam ezanını yahu. Prestissimmo con fuco!!! Ne acelen var? Sevgili? Rakı masası? ‘ ( the muezzin has recited the evenin azan in 22 seconds. Prestissimmo con fuco!!! What’s the rush? Lover ? Raki binge ?)

‘ I am an ateist, don’t know ’bout the rest ‘

‘ I am an ateist and proud to have said it loud and clear ‘

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  1. OH!What are Blasphemies? We can’t criticize an institution that was made of man’s hand, like the religeon, the opium of the people?? And killing in name of God (which is this God? Of course, a miserable one like the human being that created this image)isn’t a Blasphemy??Making the war isn’t a blasphemy?? Marrying children about 9 years, isn’t a blasphemy? Killing women and homossexual with lapidation, isn’t a blasphemy?? And what about the ethnic raping, isn’t a blasphemy? AND WHAt about the ethnic genocide (the armenians, the curds, the greeks…), isn’t a blasphemy?? And what about the sexism, the discrimination against female and homossexual? Let me tell you something: the monotheists religions say always we must love God, fist of all. But the muslins are worshippers:they are bookworshipping people, they are mariageworshipping people and like this the discriminate the women that are not married…they are really material-argentary-discriminatory worshipping society!And obviously,this kind of stupid behaviour is nothing sacred!!They don’t like freedom and they like to impose their stupid values ! So the world must fight for the civil right of free speech in Turkie. Mister Say must have his right of free speech saved!The world must fight for freedom, for freedom choice,for the human rights,and fight against the religious State and against the religion’s influence on the governement!REXLION

  2. If you are more offended because he doesn’t believe as you do, or because he finds it funny the obsession people have with the afterlife, over people who kill in the name of religion- I think your priorities are backwards. Also, if you want to imprison a pianist because you think his comments were “inflammatory”, what about the preachers/immams who say worse things? They are not treated so harshly.

  3. I do not find his tweets offensive.
    I find Blasphemy laws offensive.
    Religion/belief is a personal matter and should not have special protection under the law from ridicule and/or stringent assessment.

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