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Turkish PM Erdogan : Turkey is Arabs’ home

Erdogan urges more Arabs to come to Turkey
Erdogan urges more Arabs to come to Turkey

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called Turkey as Arabs’ home, except most Turks beg to differ.

Istanbul / NationalTurk – ‘ We are going to lift the artificial barriers between Middle East and Turkey ‘ claimed Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister of Turkey.

‘ We feel Arab nations as our borthers, companions, friends in good and bad days, neighbors. Turkey will never forget east, North and South even it has been marching towards western civilisation. The barriers and the distances between Arab countries and Turkey I strongly believe, are artificial. We do not accept the current picture as we seem to be far away though we have been sharing a common history for thousands of years.’ A history of supression by the Ottoman Empire and backstabbing by Arabs in the early years of 20th century with the invitement of the British, claim many Turks, who are aware that Turks and Arabs are neighbours by geography.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan continued : ‘ Inspired from this understanding, we tried to perform a different communication and co-operation with our deepest brothers and friends. The membership negotiations with the EU is in process. Turkey builts close ties with neighbors as well. We aim to create a peaceful area with welfare and brotherhood all around.’ Wearing the cloak of a regional leader, Erdogan uses his power and adressing skills for influencing the Arab nations in their most weak era, where there are absolutely no Arab leader able to lead his own nation. And Saudis are totaly indifferent as long as they sell their oil.

Erdogan to Arabs : Turks are your brothers, Turkey is your home

Erdogan decorated his speech he held at the convention of Arab and Turkish tourism tycoons : ‘ We believe that the poverty in any of our neighbors is a concern for all the rest. I sincerely declare that Turks are your brothers. Turkey is your home. You will be hosted with a special hospitality whereever you visit in Turkey. You will never feel as a foreigner and you will be hosted as brothers.’

‘ We want to share the beauties of Turkey with you. Pletaus, winter tourism, sports, what ever you hope, we offer. Sea, forest, sun, sand… Allah was so generous to us. Come and live the four seasons at the same day. Culture, religious tourism..We invite you all. Come and practice health tourism, visit religious centers.’

Moreover, Erdogan said the number of Arab tourists to Turkey had increased in recent years, and Turkey’s tourism revenues rose to 23 billion USD and Turkey hosted 31.5 million tourists in 2011. Arabs regard Turkey as a safe haven and place for freedom.

Erdogan also mentioned Turkey had lifted visa procedures with many countries in the last nine and a half years.

In a speech two years ago Erdogan pointed out, that it saddens him that Turkish people give dogs names as ‘Arab’ or call Arabs ‘backstabbing lot’.

Arab ‘tourists’ flock to Turkey

In major Turkish cities the number of Arabs, fledglings from the terror in their countries, are rapidly increasing. Hotels are packed with Arabs, many of them not tourists. They are former soldiers from Libya, Tunusia, Algeria, Egypt or Syria and they stay in luxury hotels and resorts with their families without paying anything, they are so-called guests of Turkish state sponsored by our taxes or payrolls.

Wounded soldiers from Arab countries have been subject to report of doing all kinds of dirty deeds during their treatment and rehab under the Turkish Prime Minister’s and Turkish Ministry of Health’s sponsorship. It was reported that their most unimportant small injuries are being treated in luxury rooms, and they have no shame to sexually harrass even a pregnant nurse!

Libyan war rebels : Atrocities in Istanbul, Ankara, Adana and Antalya , treatment and luxury stay sponsored by Turkish Health Ministery

It drew a lot of attention and critics that Arab rebels, who were ‘wounded’ and brought over to Turkey ‘ in a great hurry ‘ for treatment had 10.000 Turkish liras (approx. $5000) each as pocket money.

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