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Ukip Success in Britain: Strong Farage, weak Cameron ! / UK News


The election winner in the UK is called Nigel Farage: The Ukip leader is celebrating a historic triumph, the pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron grows. The EU partners are likely to curse the result soon.

The UK Independence Party Ukip won the European sovereign choice. After counting in eleven of the twelve regions of the anti-EU party took 28 percent of the vote. It was the first time since 1910 that at a national election, none of the two major parties Tory or Labour was ahead.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage spoke of the “extraordinary moment in British history for a hundred years.” Even in the capital London where Ukip had in the local elections on Thursday still poorly cut, the party came to an impressive 17 percent.

With their mix of EU criticism and propaganda against immigrants and the establishment, the right-wing populist apparently met with many Britons the right tone.

The victory of the opponents of the EU had been expected for weeks, but he answered the three major parties in the House in an uproar. Finally, the arrival of the new political force upsets the usual Westminster arithmetic. The Tories of Premier David Cameron were just under 24 per cent behind Labour only third (25 percent).

His Liberal Democrat coalition partners who had advertised the only one in the election campaign for the EU, lost ten out of eleven seats. Already be loud calls for a resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Liberal. Even the Greens are pulled over in the election to the Liberals.

Ukip Success In UK:Tories promote non-aggression pact with Ukip

Even Tory leader Cameron himself is under pressure. Nervous representative of the right wing call to prefer the referendum on British EU membership. You also want to conclude a non-aggression pact with Ukip for the general election in May 2015. If Tories and Ukip compete against each other, they fear a split in the conservative supporters – and a defeat in the election.

The EU partners will curse the outcome of this election night still, the rising domestic political pressure means that Cameron will occur in Brussels more rigid than before. He can not show any weakness, which will see the heads of state and government at the negotiations on the next Commission president.

Ukip Success In UK:Farage agreed with a cricket on election night

None of the party leaders came on the eve of the press. Only election winner Farage was celebrated in Southampton. He was in high spirits. He had spent watching cricket in Tunbridge Wells on Sunday afternoon. “It was a very English scene, I’ve enjoyed it,” he told the “Guardian”.

The European elections makes Ukip to a national party , even in Scotland could they win their first mandate . Farage became the hype of the past few weeks, justice , presented the “Financial Times” appreciatively .

Many experts believe , however, that now the climax is reached, and again goes for Ukip downhill. Already in early June , the party could get a damper , if the Tories win in a by-election in Newark. At the highest hurdle , however, the lower house election : So far, Ukip is not a single deputies in the national parliament , because the British suffrage disadvantaged smaller parties .

2015 is to set up two dozen candidates Farage – more than ever before. Also, a program he must work out finally . The party still has to contend with the accusation of being a one- man band with two themes : EU and immigration. Farage announced on Monday that he would now appoint spokesman for individual policy areas such as defense and health. He makes his way towards the establishment.

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