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The separatists in Ukraine to give up their weapons and leave all occupied homes – the U.S. President Obama requested in a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin. But the further disclaims any liability of himself: Russia had nothing to do with the actions in the neighboring country.

Barack Obama’s claims are clearly and concretely: In a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he has asked that all irregular forces in Ukraine would have to give up their weapons. The U.S. president was Putin urged “to use his influence on the armed, pro-Russian groups to convince them to leave the building occupied by them.” It is based on the suspicion that the government in Moscow supported the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. But it is precisely this point showed Putin back into the conversation.

The phone call took place just before a crisis meeting on the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. According to the White House the phone call came at the request of the Russian government. On Thursday talks between Russia, the U.S., Ukraine and the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton is scheduled in Geneva. Should be explored options for a peaceful solution to the conflict.

In the telephone conversation with Putin also warned Obama that Russia must finish among other things, the military intimidation the border with Ukraine. Otherwise, this threatens to torpedo the talks in Geneva. The U.S. has repeatedly accused Russia, to fuel political unrest in Ukraine. The Federal Government has indicated that evidence that Russia supports separatist armed groups in eastern Ukraine.

Putin & Obama Phone Call:Putin speaks of “speculation”

Putin denied meddling in Russia. These were “speculation” that “on unsubstantiated information” were based, he said in the interview in view of the Kremlin. The reason for the protests was the “unwillingness and inability” of the Kiev authorities to take into account the interests of Russian and Russian-speaking population. Putin called his hand on Obama, this would exert its influence in the country relied on to prevent bloodshed and the use of force.

The situation in eastern Ukraine is confusing for days: In many cities hold militiamen public buildings occupied. They demand a regional referendum on annexation to Russia. In Kiev protesters demanded on Monday the transitional government on to a more decisive action against insurgents in eastern Ukraine.

Interim President Alexander Turchinov made ​​on Monday for further irritation. It was not until he threatened with an ultimatum, which expired then ineffective, then he offered the pro-Russian activists to hold a referendum on a federalization of the country. This could be held simultaneously with the presidential election on May 25. At the same time, he signed a not further defined command for a special insert in the east of the country.

Ukraine Crisis:Planned more sanctions

The separatists announced further resistance. The call of the pro-Western government in Kiev, to disarm until Monday morning and to vacate the occupied building, they left unnoticed.

The foreign ministers of the 28 EU countries reported on Monday released financial assistance of one billion euros for the threatened bankruptcy Ukraine. They also agreed to a deletion of almost all customs duties for goods from the country. This is to stabilize the Ukraine. At the same time sanctions against Russia to be expanded. Initially at least, the planned meeting of EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton with the foreign ministers of Russia, the USA and Ukraine should wait on Thursday in Geneva.

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