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Ukraine crisis: NATO reinforced military presence in Eastern Europe / Breaking News


NATO is serious: Due to the escalation in Ukraine strengthens the alliance’s troops in Eastern Europe – at sea, on land and in the air.

NATO reinforced in view of the Ukraine crisis its military presence in the eastern states of the Alliance. Within the next few days there will be the laying of air, sea and land forces, says NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Brussels. “If necessary, will follow in the coming weeks and months further action.”

Rasmussen said the ships would set “in the Baltic Sea, the eastern Mediterranean and, if necessary, elsewhere” in march. The defense plans of NATO would be “reviewed and strengthened.” “We will have more planes in the air, more ships in the water and we are in the country increased readiness,” he said.

However, the NATO Secretary General did not state their number of soldiers who are sent to the eastern NATO countries: “It will be enough to improve our readiness and to prepare, if necessary, for more.”

The military alliance reacts with the strengthening of the armed forces at the request of the Baltic members Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – former Soviet republics – as well as Poland and Romania. Russia has contracted to the border with Ukraine, according to the NATO tens of thousands of soldiers.

NATO Ukraine Crisis:”Anti-terrorism operation” increased

The military alliance makes Russia responsible for the attacks pro-Russian armed units in eastern Ukraine . They occupy several towns for days public buildings , including police stations . In the regional capital Donetsk took on Wednesday Masked violence the city council. They demand autonomy for their region .

In other cities, the local vigilante groups were formed. They wanted to support the security forces of leadership in Kiev and defend itself against the separatists. Declaring a state of emergency in the east declined Defense Minister Mikhail Kowal .

The “anti- terrorism operation ” of the Ukrainian government against the pro-Russian separatists , which began on Tuesday, fell on Wednesday massively stalled . In the cities and Kramatorsk Slavjansk government units ran over with up to ten armored vehicles to fighters loyal to Moscow . The soldiers drove through the two cities about 80 kilometers north of the regional capital Donetsk .

The situation is confusing. The Defense Ministry in Kiev rejected the reports. It states that it is counterfeit. The Ukrainian secret service SBU said the armed pro-Russian groups had received orders to shoot at Ukrainian soldiers. In intercepted conversations between “Russian saboteurs” had become clear that the actions would be controlled by the “Russian military intelligence.” Officials had given the order, “shoot to kill” to.

NATO Ukraine Crisis:German PM Merkel praises Ukrainian leadership

The federal government praised the actions of the Ukrainian leadership against pro-Russian forces in the east of the country. “From our perspective, the Ukrainian government has been behaving very prudent and cautious in this crisis,” said Deputy government spokesman Georg fighter. “It is clear that the Ukrainian leadership course the violent takeover of police stations or other infrastructure by perpetrators of violence is unacceptable.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel had telephoned on Tuesday evening with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They hope by the Ukraine-four-way summit this Thursday to pulses for a solution fighter said. The conversation could a “first step in this direction (be) re-establish an orderly situation in Ukraine”. At the Geneva meeting is attended by foreign ministers from Russia, Ukraine and the USA and the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.


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