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Ukraine Protest: No-confidence vote to topple system Yanukovych / Breaking News


Tension in Kiev: The opposition wants to make a motion of censure against Prime Minister Azarov and Russian friend in Parliament today. Even if he fails – an alliance to Vitali Klitschko wants to force the system to its knees Yanukovych. The key could be an influential as opaque defectors.

With tea they have kept warm at night, and with the community singing the songs of the Ukrainian rock stars of Okean Elzy. An icy wind came over Kiev. Up to minus five degrees the temperature has fallen on Maidan Independence Square in central Kiev.

Even before the sun rises, warms Andrej, student of Taras Shevchenko University, clammy hands on a small campfire, improvising in a metal barrel. He has persevered all night here, in common with others. A few thousand it may be, they have the Maidan all night not enabled.

Since Sunday Andrej is on the legs, as surprising as hundreds of thousands demonstrated against the price of President Viktor Yanukovych. Andrej is 20 years old. Like most of his generation, he is an approximation of his country to the EU. Driven on the street but it has the brutality of the police in the night on Saturday against the demonstrators. “I do not live in a police state,” says Andrey. And: “Yanukovych and his government have gone.”

An impeachment proceedings against the head of state is lengthy and has little prospect of success. The government, however, is on Tuesday actually on the brink. The opposition has filed a motion of no confidence in the Ukrainian parliament. Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov, iron advocate an alliance with Russia and longtime supporters of President Viktor Yanukovych could topple it. Members will be advised of 10 clock local time about it.

Ukraine Protests: Crumbling The majority of the President Yanukovych

A man sprays gas as Interior Ministry members stand guard during a rally held by supporters of EU integration in Kiev
A man sprays gas as Interior Ministry members stand guard during a rally held by supporters of EU integration in Kiev

The outcome of the vote is open. Actually the camp of President Yanukovych has a large majority among the 450 deputies. The three parties of the opposition alliance to Vitali Klitschko could be sure so far only support a maximum of 178 delegates.

But the majority of the President crumbling. Since the weekend, a withdrawal movement has captured the government camp. Some MPs have publicly declared their withdrawal from the government faction. About another defector has been speculated on Monday in Kiev, their number should be 20 or more. Most are followers of Sergei Ljowotschkin, a key figure in Yanukovich’s power structure. News agencies had reported at the weekend for the resignation of the influential leaders of the presidential office. Ljowotschkin should therefore have acknowledged in protest against the harsh police action the service.

Lavochkin that has been a close confidant of the president. When gray eminence he draws since 2006 for Yanukovych in the background stripping, sometimes as a campaign strategist, sometimes as head of the government apparatus. But the 41-year-old also pursues its own interests, politically and professionally.

So they control around the popular TV channel Inter, together with his allies, the oligarchs and gas magnate Dmitry Firtash. Inter reported on the protests with sympathy for the opponents of the government. Yanukovych has not accepted Ljowotschkins resignation.

Ukraine Protests:Vitali Klitschko wants to change the system

Ukraine Protest

The opposition is determined to do anything. If the vote of no confidence but fails, the Yanukovych’s opponents could seize and paralyze the Parliament. “We not only want to replace any minister, but change the political system,” says Vitali Klitschko.

However, self-confidence is also Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov in the vote. He threatened the demonstrators with consequences. The protests he likened to a coup. The leaders of the protests threw Azarov at a meeting with European ambassadors “illegal methods” before.

The Ukrainian Premier is a popular and these days often seen guest in Moscow. Azarov has publicly claimed responsibility for Kiev’s shift away from an EU association. Ukraine could not afford to burden the trade relations with Russia simply.

Ukraine Protests:”When we were a Russian colony”

Pro-European protests in Ukraine
Pro-European protests in Ukraine

The Ukrainian economy is struck, it grows for two years no longer. The budget deficit is around 6 percent. The level of debt is 40 percent of gross domestic product. This is less than in most EU countries, but since 2007, the national debt has tripled.

Russia’s allies in Kiev on back cover. President Vladimir Putin claimed that the rallies would be controlled from abroad. They would “not much to do with the relations between Ukraine and the European Union”. In addition, it reminded the protests “more a pogrom than a revolution.”

Premier Azarov wants to seek a solution to the economic problems in Moscow. Over the next 14 days, he wants to play poker with the Kremlin to aids to low-priced gas and billions in loans. Azarov has announced even negotiate the Ukrainian state budget with the Russian government.

“When we were already a colony of Russia,” outraged student Andrej on the Maidan. But what will he do when the no-confidence vote fails? Andrej shakes his head: “It must not fail stop.” He wants to move immediately, with his friends in front of the Parliament.

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