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United Nations (UN) launches investigation for deadly Flotilla raid

NEW YORK – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says that a committee will begin its investigation of Israel’s deadly attack against a Gaza-bound aid convoy this month.

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were responsible for the deaths of nine activists, eight being Turkish citizens and one Turkish American.

The panel will begin its work on August 10, three months after the May 31 assault, in which nine Turkish peace activists of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla were killed by Israeli commandos in international waters.

“I sincerely hope that this will greatly, positively contribute to the peace process as well as improvement of relations between Israel and Turkey,” Ban said on Monday.

The UN chief added that the panel would submit the first progress report by mid September.

The panel will be led by former New Zealand Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer as the chairman, and outgoing Colombian President Alvaro Uribe as the vice chairman.

A Turkish and an Israeli were also in the panel.

Meanwhile, Israel announced on Monday that it would cooperate with the UN committee, despite its earlier opposition.

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  1. Well having Uribe on the panel should protect Israel from any real investigation. Israel has stated that they will not allow any questioning of their armed forces. Now just why would they want to remove a big block of obvious witnesses?

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