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US Immigration:President Obama’s solo / Breaking News

Barack Obama, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell,

Unilaterally by the US President: Barack Obama issued a decree protects up to five million illegal immigrants from deportation. It is a challenge to those Republicans who block real immigration reform. The Storms are brewing.

Address to the American people, best airtime red carpet: Barack Obama has chosen on Thursday night the grand entrance to redeem an old campaign promises in part: The US president protects up to five million illegal immigrants facing deportation and gives them the chance her shadows to leave. Against the massive resistance of the Republicans, the US president announced several executive orders.

“Our immigration system is broken, everyone knows that,” Obama said in his ten minute television speech from the White House. Mass deportations are unrealistic and would not correspond to the character of the United States, he explained with a view to total eleven million illegal immigrants in the United States: “We are and will always be a nation of immigrants.”

Specifically, Obama announced this:

* Expansion of an existing program for undocumented immigrants who came as children or teenagers in the United States and be spared from deportation (“Deferred Action”). More than    half a million people have already been obtained in this way a temporary residence and work permit.

*Illegal immigrant parents, who live at least five years in the US and have their children US citizenship or permanent residency, a legal status for three years is granted, many of them   can  therefore apply for a work permit. This requires that they register with the authorities, a police check and made payable taxes. Around four million people fulfill these conditions,         can reveal to the authorities and then must undergo a police check and pay taxes.

*However undocumented get the illegal immigrant parents of children who are allowed to stay by “Deferred Action” (see point 1) in the country.

Better securing the US border with Mexico to small to hold more illegal immigration as possible. Future, especially criminals, not families be deported.

These are historical measures. For nearly 30 years, nothing more was preceded in immigration law. The last major reform pushed former President Ronald Reagan in 1986, when he granted a permanent right of residence by law, 2.7 million people without valid papers.

US Immigration:Reagan thus resorted to a law, why adopt Obama only decrees?

Because he did not have a majority in Congress for the desired of him basic immigration reform. He had the best chance at the beginning of his reign, when the Democrats held the majority in both chambers of Congress, but Obama let them slip away. The crucial difference between law and executive orders: All that the President has announced this Thursday evening, can put his successor with a stroke of the pen again suspended. (Read here the portrait of an illegal immigrant)

He has tried. Last year, the Senate passed even a bipartisan compromise, the illegals would open a path to US citizenship; but the Republican-controlled House of Representatives refused to vote today. In his speech Obama emotional at times said it was still the best way to settle the issue of immigration in Parliament. But until that happen, now would just apply its measures. (Read more about Obama, immigration reform and the Latino electorate.)

They accuse Obama he is behaving like an “Emperor”, which disregards the Parliament and have adopted an “amnesty” for illegal immigrants. Now they are threatening consequences of a possible paralysis of government is talk of a government shutdown like last year; the right-wing Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz is considering to block all personnel decisions in the Senate; other Republicans even talk of impeachment against Obama.

It will be crucial if John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, the two chief congressional Republicans may be able to respond productively to Obama alone: with the presentation of own reform bill. This is probably not. Obama himself tried to slow his critics on Thursday, citing people even from the Bible – and his predecessor George W. Bush: The illegal immigrants were already “part of American life,” Bush had said.

While a majority is in principle for the reform of immigration law, according to a survey of want “USA Today” 46 percent not alone the president, 42 percent support it. Obama and the Republicans will deliver fierce battles to the executive arrangements in the coming weeks and months. Most US presidents have turned to in the last two years of their term of office of foreign policy. Not so Obama. With his solo in matters of immigration increasingly annoyed by the political realities in Washington 53-year-old is now looking to open domestic conflict with the Republicans.

Who here at the end has the better cards? Everything is open.

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