USA Can’t Win Afghanistan War Without Pakistan

USA Can't Win Afghanistan War Without Pakistan
USA Can't Win Afghanistan War Without Pakistan

The United States will not be able to win the war in Afghanistan without Pakistan’s assistance, stated Faisal Karim Kundi, vice president of Pakistani National Assembly.

A distinctive feature of Pakistani leaders and the nation is to respond to challenges collectively, Kundi said, adding that Pakistan is not surviving the current situation because of Washington’s cooperation.

But the United States won’t succeed in winning the war in Afghanistan without Pakistan’s help, Kundi stated in televised remarks.

Us Withdrawal from Afghanistan : Effects on Pakistan in Question

Barack Obama’s administration decided to withdraw nearly one-third of its military support for Islamabad, worth about 2 billion USD only a few days ago.

Shedding light on that U.S. drones bombing his country, mainly on the Afghan border, Kundi said they have a counterproductive effect, inciting Pakistanis to hate those foreign forces.

Drones have attacked tribal regions in northwestern Pakistan about 45 times So far this year, killing over 400 people.

The Paki nation, no novice to wars, has suffered a lot, but supports the army in its struggle against extremism and terrorism alongside with Us troops.

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  1. The facts: Pakistan has over a 140,000 troops deployed on the Pak-Afghan border. The US has had no more than 100,000 even after the surge in 2010. Pakistan has lost over 35,000 people (civilian and military) in this war, while the US has lost roughly 2579 lives in the Afghan conflict. Who says Pakistan hasn’t done enough? The US has given Pakistan no more than $12-13 billion in reimbursement with limited aid over the past 10 years. Pakistan has had economic losses in excess of $60 billion over the last ten years. Moreover, the US has used Pakistan’s land and air for supply routes resulting in billions of savings to conduct the Afghan War. The US diverted resources from the Afghan war to the Iraq War (a war not sanctioned by the UN – recall “the coalition of the willing”) in 2003. The resultant effect has been emboldened Afghan resistance. The net US expenditure on the two wars has been $1.4 trillion ($786 billion in Iraq, and $432 billion in Afghanistan). After all this expenditure and collateral damage, the US administration is now talking of a settlement with Mullah Omar & the Taliban. Wouldn’t this be called double dealing now? Pakistan’s annual budget is $29 billion (roughly $5.5 of which is the defense budget). Pakistan’s Debt to GDP ratio is 61% (as of Jun 2011). Pakistan simply cannot let the United States dictate it’s foreign and domestic policy for pennies on the dollar.

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