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War against Islamists: The most important facts about the US air war in Syria / Breaking News

Launch from USS Makin Island

The United States and Arab allies have flown first attacks on Islamists in Syria and bombed more than 50 targets. Let yourself be impressed by it the militias? An initial evaluation.

The air strikes began on the night of Monday to Tuesday, shortly after 4 clock in the morning local time. With a targeted action, the United States have also expanded the fight against the terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS) in Syria. Together with Arab allies to have been bombed at least 50 goals.

Cruise missiles, bombers and stealth jets of the type F-22 “Raptor” were used, which are considered the most expensive fighter of the U.S. Air Force. Previously, the United States had for weeks scouted drones with the IS-bases in Syria.

The most important questions and answers at a glance:

* What was taken? In a sense the “capital” of the “Islamic State” in Rakka, and in the border towns of Tel al-Abiad and Bukamal: In areas controlled by the IS towns the headquarters of the militia were destroyed. In addition, the militia checkpoints have been taken in the province of Deir Essor. The conquered by IS Syrian military bases in Ain Issa and Tabaka were shot to the captured weapons there – dozens of tanks, armored vehicles, howitzers and anti-tank guns – to destroy. Even suburbs of Aleppo were bombed. It should, according to the group “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, which is deemed reliable, not only have been attacked IS objectives, but also points to the radical Islamist Nusra front. This is classified by the United States as a terrorist organization. It was built originally as an offshoot of the IS, but had then fallen out with the militia. It cooperates and competes now alternately with the IS.

* Were high-level IS-members killed? This is unlikely, because the militia had weeks time to prepare for the U.S. air attacks and evacuate their command centers in Rakka and other cities. The bombing in Rakka IS-bases are easy to recognize: The militia has it painted black and their flag hoisted. Since the U.S. attack warning prefer IS-Upper to stay at inconspicuous places and hide among civilians. According to the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” were a total of about ten IS-combatants killed and seven fighters of the rival with the IS Nusra front in the massive wave of attack.

* Were there any civilian casualties? According to Syrian human rights activists no civilians were in the attacks on IS-bases killed, but should at the attacks on positions of Nusra front in Aleppo and around eight civilians have been killed.

* Which countries were involved? In addition to the United States several Arab states have supported the wave of attacks with fighter jets: Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Qatar also said to have been involved in the attacks. France flying attacks in Iraq, refused participation as in Syria. Great Britain is still hesitating.

* Did Assad know? The Syrian regime has not been asked for permission. However, the Syrian state media say the opposite to save Assad a disgrace, because Damascus had previously been announced yet cocky, they would attack without permission regarded as aggression against Syria. After Syrian information Damascus has at least a few hours notice of the early start of the attack – is said to have passed from a letter, the Secretary of State John Kerry the Iraqi Foreign Minister.

* If the IS-rise so stopped? As long as it is not clear if the attacks continue now, the militia might hold for the time being covered. However, the IS should be virtually unstoppable solely by air attacks. Who will fight for the USA at the bottom of the IS in Syria, is unclear. In Iraq, the tide has not yet turned in spite of the massive air attacks. There fighting the Kurds, the Iraqi army and Shiite militias against the IS. However, this does not disappear the causes – the exclusion, impoverishment and brutal civil war – which zutreiben some Syrians and Iraqis the IS.

* Will the IS come home to roost? That is very likely. The militia has air strikes to oppose anything, but they can fight back in other ways. It is conceivable that the IS Syrians or Iraqis killed, which he considers a spy on behalf of the Americans. Also on the abducted from Western hostages IS the militia could take revenge. It is conceivable that other groups or individuals are active on behalf of the IS – as recently in Australia and now in Algeria. Especially citizens of countries participating in the coalition against the IS could become a target, including German. Germany supplies to Iraqi Kurds arms and trains them in the fight against extremists.

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