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When Fatih Terim’s ego reaches its peak Ancelotti become winner / Turkey Sport News


I mentioned in my previous article; as there is no alternative person for Fatih Terim, he is in trouble to make a move against Aysal…

When Fatih Terim concentrated thoroughly and used all his energy within the matches due to the obligation of success, he naturally became successful and it was an important advantage for him.

And his ego remained in its place.

Until the Turkish National Team put forward a proposal…

Firstly he found his alternative way… And he catched an atmosphere to mention win of Romania.


He reacted against Unal Aysal by saying “But, I will not sign in order to make somebody happy or unhappy.” It was an important and a wrong step for Terim.

And this step was the peak point of Terims ego.

Terim’s biggest dilemma was not doing any intellectual development for himself. His biggest problem is his reactions and behaviours.

When his ego reached peak, a dangerous process for both National Team and Galatasaray began.

Firstly Galatasaray vs Real Madrid gave a warning…

The main reason of goal difference was not considering about Real Madrid’s squad problems.

While using Alvaro Arbeloa as left back position and Isco in front of him might be a offensive advantage; using Selcuk instead of Burak and using Felipe Melo in that position alone was a huge tactical fault.

It was just an example.

On the other side, “wrist wrestling” with Aysal was still continuing…

Aysal’s dignified explanations and technical comitee’s protective comments helped to decide about Terim after resolving strategical reactions especially public reactions.

Saying “It is not true to blame just one person…” on his comments was also an acid remark for Terim.

We will see this process and the result all together…

In Turkish football, the result is tried to be received by only considering Fatih Terim. And this responsibility is too much for him for sure… It becomes impossible to create an analytic method during the solution strategies are about being “arabesque” in his appearance of “Holy Brother”.

If the competition remains among Fatih Terim and Terim, all successful coaches have to live their lives by opening kebab shops.

And AC Milan…

They showed how successful decision they gave by “useating” Fatih Terim and welcoming Carlo Ancelotti…

Each person witnessed to this situation in GS Arena.

He had to be informed instead of buying ties in Italy…

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