Why Gabriel Soto “always” is chosen as the protagonist of soap operas

The actor will star in “Los camino del amor”, which has generated a lot of controversy among those who ask for new faces in soap operas.

Gabriel Soto has not only stolen the heart of Irina Baeva, but also that of the audience. After working incessantly on various soap operas, the Mexican actor undertakes a new project for TelevisaUnivision, which has sparked criticism from a sector.

At the end of July, the actor began filming his most recent melodrama, “Los camino del amor”, an adaptation of the Chilean production “El camionero”. On this occasion, his co-star will be Susana González.

The Mexican heartthrob has been working non-stop, as he recently finished “Divided Love”, “You remember me” and “Single with daughters”. While some celebrate by appreciating him starring in a new telenovela, others have shown their displeasure at seeing him constantly on screen.


Some of Gabriel Soto’s “haters” were reluctant for him to be constantly chosen as the protagonist in many soap operas. The 47-year-old actor took advantage of the opportunity to start recording and explained that it is due to his extensive experience to develop this type of role that has certain demands.

“It’s like in the movies, we always see Brad Pitt, ‘The Rock’ and we see Tom Cruise, it’s the same, it’s not easy after a career of so many years to make a leading role,” he said, comparing himself to important Hollywood figures .

In addition, he took these comments with good humor, as he stated that the “haters” also “make you give it all you want” in his work and his new projects. In this way, he would seek to satisfy the needs of the producers and the public.


Definitely, the commitment he has to his work is evident, since he did not stop participating in soap operas and recording, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, his extensive career supports him, with a 25-year career as a model and actor.

Before becoming an iconic heartthrob, one of his most remembered characters was Ulysses “the ugly”, in “Amigas y Rivales”, the series that aired in 2001. Thanks to the makeup, he looked very different, but this was what made him catapulted to fame.

On the other hand, in the 90’s, Gabriel Soto ventured into a musical band known as Kairo. Although his time in music has been on hiatus since 2013.

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