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Wounded Libyan rebels ‘in rehab’ commit atrocities in Turkey

Rascal Libyan Rebels commit attrocities in Turkey
Rascal Libyan Rebels commit attrocities in Turkey

Libyan rebels who had participated and were wounded during the toppling of Gaddafi live the high life sponsored by the Turkish government and Health Ministery but commit atrocities in hotels and hospitals they reside.

Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya / NationalTurk – Wounded soldiers of the Libyan rebel forces are reportedly doing all kinds of dirty deeds during their treatment and rehab under the Turkish Prime Minister’s and Turkish Ministry of Health’s sponsorship. It was reported that their most unimportant small injuries are being treated in luxury rooms, and they have no shame to sexually harrass even a pregnant nurse!

The latest incident of the so called Libyan veterans, who are regarded by many as raiders and looters, last weekend was the final straw.

Rascal Libyan Rebels commit attrocities in Turkey

Fifteen people were injured at a hotel in the Mediterranean province of Antalya following a row that broke out between some 100 veterans of the Libyan war who were brought to Turkey for medical treatment and other hotel guests.

Police eventually arrived on the scene and accompanied but not arrested the Libyan ‘fighters’ back to their luxurious rooms. The police also took extensive security measures around the Porto Bello Hotel on the Konyaaltı Beach, where the incident took place at around 11 p.m. on Feb. 18, and informed they would examine security footage.

Some of the Libyan fighters allegedly locked the guests inside the hotel’s ballroom but later opened the doors, according to reports.

The 15, including some of the Libyan fighters, were wounded due to battery and were taken to hospitals around the city center.

Libyan war veterans live the high life and molest Turkish nurses and people in hotels and hospitals

The incident broke out when the Libyan war veterans were passing time, drinking and getting drunk at the ballroom, where they started to abuse the women in the ball room and arguing with other customers who also knew Arabic and were celebrating a traditional henna night, according to reports. The Libyan soldiers are reported to have opened the new Libyan flag after they were intoxicated and began molesting other guests.

The Libyan fighters belong to thousands of Libyan war veterans who were wounded in Libyan war and later arrived in Turkey as the Health Ministry’s guests and were receiving rehabilitation treatment at various hospitals and luxury residences in various cities. There are more than 700 hundert so called Libyan fighters in Antalya. 121 of these so called war veterans, many of them aren’t allegedly even slightly wounded, are staying in the hotel where the latest attrocity occurred.

Libyan rebel soldiers get treatment for their non-existent wounds and booze up and abuse Turkish women

The rebel soldiers who were wounded in Nato and Usa sponsored civil war which resulted in dictator Gaddafi being murdered brutally and inhumanly, are now being treated in Turkey.

The interviewed healthcare workers in different hospitals across Turkey revealed that many hospitals are ‘ infested ‘ with Libyan rebels who had been staying and living the high life with the taxes that Turkish citizens pay, although they are or have not been injured at all.

Libyan rebels are living in luxury, none of them are seriously wounded, plasma tv’s have been installed in their rooms and they were even given designated smoking rooms in the hospital, so are the claims of eye-witnesses and hospital staff.

According to a Turkish doctor, who wants to remain anonymous, these rebels have been flown in with private jets and none of them have any serious injuries.

The rebels filled the private hospitals, mainly Bayındır, Medicana and Koru hospitals in Ankara. Medicana hospital has no female staff that has not been harrassed by the Libyan soldiers. Dreadful allegations suggest taht even a pregnant nurse has been sexually molested by them.

‘ They [hospital executives] placed plasma tv’s in every room the Libyan rebels are staying and designated smoking rooms for them. Service shuttles of the hospitals have been serving the Libyan ‘patients’, hauling them wherever they want to go and picks them up when they want to be picked up, like a private limo service.’ states another hospital worker.

Some allegations are truly annoying and irritating : One of the rebels didn’t want to be ‘treated’ in Turkey, was sent to Cologne, Germany and the Turkish government has assigned a private jet to do the job instead of sending him with an airliner, which cost the Turkish taxpayers $40.000 Euros.

While these are happening in Ankara, the situation is pretty much the same in Adana. Chamber of medicine secretary Nuh Demispas has confirmed this during an interview.

Libyan war rebels : Atrocities in Istanbul, Ankara, Adana and Antalya , treatment and luxury stay sponsored by Turkish Health Ministery

Fatma Kemal Timuçin heart center, which is a part of Adana Numune Research Hospital, had been serving only the Libyans until they decided they didn’t like it there and moved to Acıbadem hospital. This hospital was performing 20 heart surgeries a week and they had to stop all surgeries after the Libyans have moved in, providing only clinic service.

Demirpas stated that plasma tv’s had been placed in every room, smoking areas and internet cafe rooms had been designated on every floor after the Libyan rebels have arrived, just like what happened in Ankara.

Demirpas has stressed that the majority of the Libyans who came to Adana were not ill or injured, and a few of them had very minor injuries.

Demirpas also noted the nurses and other female staff has been subject to sexual harrassment and stated “After the complaints from the Libyans who didn’t like our hospital, the Libyan Ambassador came over. Apparently they didn’t like the food either, so they were taken to eat out at kebab houses and seafood restaurants. They said Libyan hospitals are much better than this and demanded to be transferred to a better hospital”

Similar things have been reported in Istanbul:

Libyan rebel fighters Abu Aisha Muhammad and Abdul Manan Abu Gul, who were being treated at the private German Hospital, went to a bar in Beyoglu, and later on they got kicked out of the establishment by security guards after they started a fight cause they thought their bill was too high. Rebels claimed the security guards have taken their 4000 Euros and cell phones. Rebels were taken to Taksim First Aid Hospital for treatment of their (bar fight) injuries, and they attacked a nurse with syringes there for ‘not being paid enough attention’.

It drew a lot of attention that the Libyan rebels, who were ‘wounded’ and brought over to Turkey ‘ in a great hurry ‘ for treatment had 10.000 Turkish liras (approx. $5000) each as pocket money.

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