X Factor UK 2012:Disappointing Judges House Descisions We thought we had found talent contest X factor, but Nicole Scherzinger opted for a Cabare clown X Factor Judges House / X Factor 2012 News Video

The X Factor competition, such as is a talent like  Christopher Maloney eliminated but Rylan Clark named as disturbing kind of man ( or whatever) won the right to live show. Where is the justice we ask now ?

The world’s most annoying types incapable of Rylan Clark ! he can not singand style disgusting (with every way) , Christopher Maloney personality endeared himself to everyone on the other side. Christopher is now not at the competition. I’m sure you thinking what I’m thinking all the people in Britain, this is a great injustice , dont waste a real ability not for only to show.  so please do not make Rylan Clarke torture to us till Christmas. Rylan Clark only sing 3. class  in Soho Cabarets.

You might recognize Rylan from his appearance from Signed by Katie Price and the other 101 reality shows he has appeared.

We suspect Rylan might divide audiences, but we are just waiting for him to come out and confess that he in fact Bobby from TOWIE in disguise.

“There is something different about this group. We have two young boy bands so these guys will appeal to older girls – I just know they’ll love them.

Meanwhile, Gary decided to give Christopher Maloney a second chance, saying: “He deserves a chance — this guy has an incredible voice and I really want people to vote for him.”

“Chris is a real man of the people, every time he stands on that stage people stand on their feet, he deserves this.”

The best wildcard is obviously Christopher. We like the way his face goes bright purple when he sings. It’s a great colour for Autumn, is purple. Also, he seems a nice bloke.

The four wildcards are: Christopher Maloney (Overs); Adam Burridge (Boys); Amy Mottram (Girls); and Times Red (Groups).

On Liverpool’s Christopher Maloney, Gary Barlow says: “I’m so relieved we’ve got a wildcard because I agonised over Christopher. Telling him ‘no’ was awful.”

X Factor UK 2012:Rylan Clark Taunted By Twitter ‘Death Threats’

Rylan entertateined the judges with his rendition of Des’ree’s ‘Kissing You’ in his first audition before making to Nicole Scherzinger’s Judges Houses in Dubai. Last night viewers saw Rylan change tack with an accoustic performance of Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ for Nic and guest judge Ne-Yo.

Rylan is upset by the downsides of his newfound fame though, telling The Sun that he fears for his sick mother’s health following the online abuse:

“My mum’s not silly, she knows not everyone will like me. But reading comments threatening to break into my house and firebomb me would shock any.

Watch Christopher Maloney Judges House Performance Video:

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