Bullfight injury, as matador gored through chin in Madrid, Spain

Bullfight injury matador gored : Spanish bull fighter suffers horrific injury as bulls horn enters beneath the chin and comes out of mouth.

Spanish bull fighter suffers horrific injury as bulls horn enters beneath the chin and comes out of mouth.

Bullfight injury as Matador gored through chin with horns coming out of mouth. (WARNING – The video contains scenes which may distress you.)

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Spanish, Portuguese and some Latin country’s love bullfighting. It is a cultural activity which has been practiced for centuries.

Bull fighter gored

Matador Julio Aparicio gored from under the chin

The excitement, the crowd and the risks which lay in the bull ring hits record viewers each year, though the sport has lost popularity in some countries in recent years.

However, nothing could have prepared the matador, spectators or anyone for what happened in Madrid on Friday when a Spanish matador, Julio Aparicio, was gored from under his chin.

As can be seen on the video footage, the bullfighter lost his balance while the bull was coming towards him and dropped to his knee which is when the half-ton bull struck.

The scene was horrible as you can see from the video on top, but please be advised that if you’re fainthearted, DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO, it is very graphic.

The thousands of crowd looked on in horror as the matador was tossed by his chin like he was a doll. He was lifted back on his feet by his aids with blood pouring from his mouth and under his chin and remarkably he was not unconscious and managed to rush out of the ring.

The 41-year-old bullfighter is currently in intensive care with doctors saying they expect a full recovery after no arteries or major veins were damaged.

bull fighter

Matador Julio Aparicio who was horrifically injured on Friday.

The bullfighter’s surgeon, Dr. Maximo Garcia Padros operated on Aparicio for six hours to reconstruct his throat, jaw, tongue, and roof of his mouth.

Padros said on Sunday “The horn entered the base of the jaw, just above the vocal cords,”

“It is an injury which seemed worse at first sight but luckily no major damage were done to the important areas. We have made reconstructions to Aparicio’s palate and jaw.”

matador being carried after horrific injury

matador being carried after horrific injury

According to reports the 41-year-old matador is currently communicating with writing on a piece of paper for things which he wants and to answer questions.

The Aparicio’s father, Julio Aparicio Martínez, who was a former bullfighter himself has told local news agencies that his son was in better condition but he has still not visited him.

Martínez said “I only know what I’m told, which is the he is in better condition, but I do not go to see him, I find myself unable to see my son in that condition.”

Doctors say they expect a full recovery and that there are no life threatening injuries. It has not been said if the bullfighter will ever return back to the arena.

The bull which injured Aparicio, was later killed by another matador.

Can you really feel sorry for Julio Aparicio who kills bulls in public spotlight as a sport (bloodsport). Write your thoughts and comments bellow.

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  1. Si-HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED ha ha tonto cono ellos uno mamon.

    Any idiot who messes with an animal which weighs circa a ton I guess deserves all they get….divine retribution

    But we (extranos) no entiende vos raro traditions, corridas son solo por gentuza campesino

    IT SERVED HIM RIGHT! la hijo de una perra.

  2. It wasn’t fair to make the bull fight another match.

  3. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

  4. bra match due June 2, 2015, 1:10 am

    greasy spanish cunt got what he deserved



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