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Fenerbahce in crisis! Brasilian captain Alex De Souza suspended!
01 Ekim, 2012 | 14:40
Alex and Aykut Kocaman on crossroads at Fenerbahce

Alex and Aykut Kocaman on crossroads at Fenerbahce

The crisis in Fenerbahce hits its peak after a 2-0 loss to newcomers Kasımpasa at Turkish Super League. Fenerbahce coach Aykut Kocaman has suspended captain Alex De Souza with immediate effect! The duo have been in beef with eachother this season. Did Fenerbahce chairman Aziz Yıldırım intervene ?

Istanbul / NationalTurk – Fenerbahce manager Aykut Kocaman has responded to the downturn and Fenerbahce captain Alex De Souza suspended with immediate effect! Turkish Vice champions and cup winners announced the suspension on the official club website. Accordingly Kocaman had announced its decision in the team meeting this morning. Reasons for the ousting of the captain were not initially called. What happens next with the 35-year-old Brazilian Alex, whose statue was erected 2 weeks ago, is not yet known.

Alone in the stands..Alex de Souza during Kasımpasa game after his substitution

Alone in the stands..Alex de Souza during Kasımpasa game after his substitution

Alex is already regarded as a living legend among many Fenerbahce fans, Aykut Kocaman on the other hand not good enough to coach the team with many star players. Alex de Souza stirred controversy with constant tweets last month and Fener president Aziz Yıldırım seems like to have digged Alex’s grave at Fenerbahce by siding with Aykut Kocaman and not sacking the 47 year old manager. Alex becomes the first footballer in the world, who gets suspended after his statue was erected only a few weeks earlier.

Alex has a statue

Alex has a statue

Last minute update : Alex tweeted that he has terminated his contract with Fenerbahce. He mentioned he will be a Fenerbahce fan from today on.

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