Breaking News: Reported shooting at a Brooklyn subway station

Police said a man suddenly started shooting, they found several unexploded devices.

Several people were shot on Tuesday morning at a Brooklyn subway station, authorities close to the investigation confirmed.

As reported by NBC 4 New York, the shots occurred in Sunset Park, near Fourth Avenue and 36th Street, at around 8:30 am. Several unexploded devices were found.

Multiple officers said a man wearing clothing resembling uniforms worn by MTA personnel suddenly began shooting as he threw the devices to the ground.

Some of the injured people jumped onto another train to escape the gunfire.

Authorities warned residents to stay away from the area.

Some photos on social media show blood on the floor of a metro coach in the Brooklyn subway. Several Twitter users have indicated this could be a terror attack.

NY1 News reported the suspect wore a construction worker uniform and a gas mask.

Several people have been shot in a subway station in the Brooklyn borough of New York. What exactly happened is so far unclear. The police are on site.

Several people were injured in a shot in a subway station in the US metropolis of New York. A police spokeswoman confirmed to the AFP news agency on Tuesday that an emergency call had been received. At least 13 people were injured, according to the New York Fire Department. Several were hit by bullets. Nothing is known about her condition so far.

The incident happened in the borough of Brooklyn. According to the New York Times, a law enforcement official said they were looking for a man wearing a gas mask and an orange safety vest. There had also been reports of suspected explosive devices that had not detonated. The police emphasized that “no active explosive devices” had been found.

Police and firefighters called on the population to avoid the area between 36th Street and 4th Avenue. The exact background was initially unclear.


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