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Buckingham Palace: British Royal Guards play Game of Thrones theme song, Video / UK News


Has as a royal fan at Buckingham Palace overheard? The Queen’s Guard has “Game of Thrones” played for the changing of the guard, the title theme of the fantasy spectacle. A video on the net has been accessed nearly two million copies.

The chapel begins gently with drums and horn sounds, quickly it can be seen what do the guards at Buckingham Palace as to be heard: The Queen’s Guards with the black bearskin hats playing for change of guard the theme song of “Game of Thrones”. The video of the performance was released early last week on YouTube and been accessed 1.93 million times.

The successful U.S. fantasy series takes place on the fictional continent of Westeros and Esso, the scenes look like Europe in the Middle Ages. It is about power, intrigue – and about the struggle for the throne. Whether the royal bodyguard in front of the palace of Queen Elizabeth II, the implications are aware? Or whether they acted out a fan the title song of the German-Iranian composer Ramin Djawadi? The Queen herself had visited in June locations and actors from the series in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth looks at the Iron Throne as she meets cast members on the set of TV series Game of Thrones in Belfast
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth looks at the Iron Throne as she meets cast members on the set of TV series Game of Thrones in Belfast

In the Guards band program are in addition to traditional military marches ever pieces from films and musicals and even pop songs. The chapel accompanies the changing of the guard, who held daily in summer in front of Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Palace, Windsor Castle, London. The guards belong to one of five infantry regiments of the British Army – “Game of Thrones” performer among the Irish Guard, identified by the blue plume.

Recordings from a musical performance of the Welsh Guard attended a few years ago for excitement in the media and blogs. A Channel 4 report on the Saudi King Abdullah visit in 2007 suggested that the chapel the “Imperial March,” the Darth Vader theme played from “Star Wars” in greeting. The march was played according to a report of “The Times” However, before the arrival within a potpourri, a compilation was misleading.

With luck, can London tourists and Game-of-Thrones-Fans experience the theme song-performance again: Pass Daily at 11.30 clock the wax layers in front of Buckingham Palace their service. More details about the spectacle reveals a paid official “Changing the Guard” App, the soldiers also betrayed on the why they do not smile in the service and how they bring their boots to shine.

Watch Video of Royal Guards play Game Of Thrones Theme Song

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