Crisis in Ukraine:”Now the Maidan protesters controls all of Kiev” / Breaking News

Government and opposition in Ukraine have signed a compromise agreement, but hardliners on both sides torpedo it. Opponents of President Yanukovych claims to the control of Kiev adopted – and the president issued an ultimatum.

The situation in Ukraine seems to be anything but stable. So opponents of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych took control in the capital, Kiev claims to: The so-called self-defense forces to control parliament, the seat of government and the presidential office, said Andrej Parubij, the commander of the protest camp on the Maidan Independence Square. The reports the newspaper “Segodjna” on Saturday morning on its website.

Once again waited on the night of Saturday thousands of people on the Maidan. You will find: The preliminary agreement between Yanukovych and the parliamentary opposition was not sufficient. In it, the parties had agreed to early presidential elections for a transitional government and a new constitution under EU mediation.

Steinmeier in Kiev
Steinmeier in Kiev

“We demand the immediate resignation of the president,” Parubij said. Yanukovych had fled into the ostukrainische city of Kharkov. “Now check the whole Kiev Maidan,” said Parubij, the deputy of the Fatherland Party of imprisoned ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. The Self-Defense Forces were patrolling in the government district. “We told the police that they can go over to the Maidan and we are ready to joint patrols” Parubij said.

Crisis In Ukraine:As a “very, very fragile” appreciate the USA the situation


Previously radical opposition representatives had announced not to lay down their weapons before Yanukovych was not resigned. On the other hand, pro-Russian groups reject the deal, which was signed on Friday.

The agreement was “very, very fragile,” says the United States assess the situation, as a representative of the U.S. State Department said. Ukraine needs international support for the implementation of the peace agreement. The Deputy Secretary of State William Burns will therefore travel early next week to Kiev and the European Commissioner of the United States, Victoria Nuland, in early March to help with implementation.

The White House closed still not out sanctions against Ukraine. “Especially if it comes back to violence or is in violation of the agreement,” said spokesman Jay Carney. It is also in Russia’s interest that the situation is stabilizing again.

Police officers from Lviv who have arrived to join anti-government protesters appear on a stage in Independence Square in Kiev
Police officers from Lviv who have arrived to join anti-government protesters appear on a stage in Independence Square in Kiev

In a telephone U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin had been agreed that the agreement would be implemented quickly.
Where Yanukovych currently resides , is unclear. The President will reportedly have left the capital Kiev on Friday evening. The head of state was initially flown with a tight circle confidant in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov , the Internet portal of the newspaper ” Serkalo Nedeli ” reported, citing officials. Other media reported on it and relied on their own contacts in the presidential administration . Thus Yanukovych have let personal things get out of his residence.

In collisions at the Independence Square and in front of the Parliament 67 protesters and ten policemen were after government figures since Tuesday killed (read here the development on Friday in minutes protocol). Doctors from the opposition camp spoke of almost 100 fatalities.

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