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Ebola Disease: Sierra Leone exclaims emergency, Liberia closes all schools / Breaking News


In order to contain the Ebola epidemic, grab the countries concerned to harsh measures: Sierra Leone calls a state of emergency and provides outbreak areas under quarantine. Liberia closes all schools.

The Ebola virus in West Africa calls for tougher action by the countries concerned. Two African airlines already no longer fly to the major cities of Liberia and Sierra Leone. Now the government in Liberia has ordered to close all schools in the country temporarily.

The measure applies until the Ministry of Education issuing new instructions, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said on Wednesday. Closed until further notice, all markets in border regions would. In addition to all-essential government employees go into a 30-day forced leave. Friday was declared in the words of the head of state for vacation day on which all public buildings would be disinfected.

Ebola Disase:Public emergency

Ebola Virus
Ebola Virus

The President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma, has declared a state of public emergency and announced a series of drastic measures. Among other things, police and military should also make the centers of the epidemic under quarantine. They should also ensure that doctors can safely go about their work. Active surveillance and house searches to ensure that all of Ebola-infected are found and placed in treatment centers. Public meetings are allowed only if it comes to it imparting information about Ebola.

On Wednesday, the international humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders had sounded the alarm. Deployment manager Bart Janssens described the epidemic in the newspaper “Libre Belgique” called unprecedented. If not rapidly improve the situation on the ground that the disease could soon reach other countries. Especially in Sierra Leone and Liberia there are now large areas that were affected by the disease, and still they will extend further. Helpers report on the spot that the distrust of the population makes it difficult to contain the epidemic. There prevails a great deal of skepticism towards doctors, sufferers often turned to traditional healers to. Some people would not accept that Ebola exist at all.

According to the World Health Organization, 1201 people have been infected with Ebola in the current outbreak, 672 of them died. Affected are in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, added a first death in Nigeria. Drugs against Ebola does not exist, but increases early treatment of the symptoms the chances of survival. From person to person, the virus is transmitted through bodily fluids. (For more, see here.)

Meanwhile shared with the U.S. Peace Corps, that hundreds of volunteers from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone would be withdrawn because of the Ebola epidemic. A Peace

Corps spokeswoman said two volunteers had come into contact with Ebola after was with a now deceased infected contact would have had. But they are as yet asymptomatic and stood in an isolation ward under medical supervision. The Peace Corps is an independent U.S. government agency, which should contribute to understanding between U.S. citizens and citizens of other countries.

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