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Turkey Online Protest # direnkahkaha: Who laughs last / Breaking News


Under the hashtag # direnkahkaha flooded laughing Turkish women with their images the network. The cheerful protest has a serious background: The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister had asked women to laugh if you please less.

The timing is not the best: From Thursday to deliver German with Turkish citizenship to vote for the presidential election in Turkey – for example, in Berlin’s Olympiastadion. It is nothing less than that Recep Tayyip Erdogan first head of state is, and at the same time remains prime minister. That would mean: More power to Erdogan’s AKP. Too bad that this very AKP provides just back for a wave of protests in the network

On Monday, the deputy Turkish prime minister Bulent Arinc announced in a speech at the celebration of the end of Ramadan, women should not hesitate to less laugh in public.

Because: This is not chaste and chastity in turn is “the ornament of a woman”. Also not nice was the way “for hours” calls from women in public.
And what do those loud, expansive Turkish women? You start the hashtags # kahkaha (laughter) and # direnkahkaha (resistance, laughter) with which they flood the net with pictures of themselves on which they laugh. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – all the smiling faces.

Even Femen, which are normally known for their furious eyes and mouths wide open, show, laughing at their Facebook page – of course still topless. A particularly popular motif is Erdogan’s wife Emine on official events – laughing.

It could almost be a Bulent Arinc do feel sorry for, or now stands abundantly silly and yesterday’s. On the other hand, the current Turkish government is not at all a laughing stock. On the contrary.

A bit obscure the cheerful pictures the bitter Ernst, who is behind the statement of the politician: Women laughing over and calling loudly through the area, not behave chaste. And if they do not behave chaste, so can this idea further rotate, they must also not be surprised if others do not treat them as honorable women.

To make it just: statements such as Bülent Arinc are part of a culture that excuses indirectly when “immoral” women are just treated immoral. According to the motto: If a woman wears a miniskirt, she is also to blame when it is sexually harassed on the street.

If the net now appear more and more pictures of laughing women, so that’s not only funny, but is also in a feminist tradition: the demand for the right to her own body. My body belongs to me – my laugh belongs to me.

In a country like Turkey, which has a very vibrant feminist scene and where women are just about to start a feminist party, a “Laughing prohibition” must therefore almost become a joke.

Erdogan’s opposition candidate in the presidential election has the chance to recognize the same: Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu expressed solidarity on his Twitter page with the laughing women: “Nothing we need as much as the cheerful laughter of women.” Whether it helps, and who really laughs last, we will not know until after August 10, when the rest of Turkey has voted for the presidential elections.

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