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Egypt Military Coup:The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to start civil war, Video / Breaking News

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mursi clash with anti-Mursi protesters near Maspero, near Tahrir square in Cairo

At least 30 people in Egypt have died in fierce clashes between muslim brotherhood supporters and opponents of deposed president Mohamed Morsi.

Egypt’s health ministry said that 30 people were killed and 1,138 injured on Friday during violent clashes between supporters and opponents of deposed President Morsi. Some of the worst violence was reported in Alexandria, where 14 lost their lives.

Tens of thousands of people marched across the country in what the Muslim Brotherhood movement has called a “Friday of Rage”.

Supporters of the former leader marched to the Cairo barracks of the Republican Guard chanting “down with military rule” after a Muslim Brotherhood rally at the city’s Rabea al Adaweya mosque.

Shots were fired as protesters hung pictures of Mr Morsi on a barbed wire barrier around the military complex. At least three demonstrators were shot by the military.

Downtown Cairo witnessed the same street battles played out two-and-a-half years ago, this time with Morsi supporters fighting their enemies with rocks, clubs and fireworks. One person was killed in their clashes.

A pro-Morsi crowd crossed the Sixth Of October bridge heading towards Tahrir Square, provoking a fierce confrontation.

The Egyptian army said troops were responding only with blank rounds and tear gas.

However, anti-Morsi youths showed media what their enemies had done to them, brandishing used shotgun cartridges and pellet wounds.

“They are terrorists and we should get rid of them,” they said. “They’re using automatic weapons and shotguns.”

Anti-Mursi protester shows spent shell casings and rubber bullets during clashes with members of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of Mursi near Maspero, near Tahrir square in Cairo
Anti-Mursi protester shows spent shell casings and rubber bullets during clashes with members of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of Mursi near Maspero, near Tahrir square in Cairo

The atmosphere was febrile. Changing in a second. Turning from triumphant to panicked, as the crowd scattered thinking their attackers had returned.

“The Muslim Brotherhood is coming here beating us shooting us,” said one man. “We’re here, we’re alone and we need someone to  help us.”

As if to answer him, military armoured personnel carriers appeared from the gloom.

But this isn’t a conflict against foreign invaders, it’s between Egyptians.

The anti-Morsi crowd screamed curses against the ousted president venting their fury, and relief then turned against us, the Sky News crew, mistaking us for Americans.

A hurried explanation gave us time to escape.

There are now two armies of protesters on the streets of Cairo – enraged and out for vengeance, determined to prevail.

Violence also erupted in cities of southern Egypt, along the Suez Canal and in the Nile Delta, with officials reporting more than 200 people injured. Four were killed in the northern Sinai city of el Arish, where Islamists stormed a government building.

Protesters, who are against former Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, demonstrate near pro-Mursi supporters, near Tahrir Square in Cairo

State TV quoted the country’s health ministry saying 30 people had died nationwide, including 12 people in clashes in Alexandria. Most of the fatalities were from gunshot wounds.

It came after the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies called for protesters to take to the streets on the Muslim day of prayer for what it described as a “Friday of Rage”.

The leader of the Brotherhood called for followers to remain peaceful but he vowed to restore power to Mr Morsi, who was ousted in a military coup earlier this week, a year after being elected to office.

Watch Egypt Clashes Video

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