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Gangnam Style storm in Turkey ! PSY come Istanbul tonight / Turkey News

South Korean rapper Psy, who has become a phenomenon with his song “Gangnam Style,” will come to Turkey to be a guest on a TV program.

Psy will arrive in Turkey on February 20th. On the 21st to the 22nd, he will be participating in Istanbul’s festival ‘Istanbul Blue Night‘ as well as holding a press conference and appearing on a TV broadcast.”

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” was extremely popular in Turkey according to the end of last year’s statistics on YouTube. The country ranked fourth in terms of where the MV was most popular after the United States, Thailand, and South Korea.

Psy also informed his fans about his upcoming visit via Twitter: “Excited to see my fans in Turkey for Istanbul Blue Night and Yetenek Sizsiniz Turkiye next week!”

His agency explained, “Psy is visiting Turkey for the first time, but we have heard that the response from the public has been extremely positive. He will bring a festive mood to ‘Istanbul Blue Night’ with his upbeat song ‘Gangnam Style’.”

Psy has some demands for his hotel room in Turkey. Among these demands are Fiji brand bottled water, Shin Cup Ramen brand spicy Korean noodles, a hot ceramic teapot, a room humidifier, a wardrobe, fresh fruit in plastic packages, a microwave oven and menus from restaurants around the hotel. He also asked for all the lights to be on in his suite.
In December last year, “Gangnam Style” became the first video to break 1 billion views on YouTube, marking a historic milestone on the Internet.

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