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Greek minister again targeted Turkey in joint exercise with the USA

Greek officials landed on the island of Crete, next to Turkey, where Greece and the United States held joint military exercises.

The target of Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias was again Turkey.

The tension between Turkey and Greece with mutual statements and moves continues. Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and Deputy Defense Minister Nikos Hardalias visited the military exercise jointly organized by Greece and the United States, next to Turkey today.

The “Poseidon’s Rage 22″ (Poseidon’s Rage 22) exercise, in which the USA’s F-35 and F-15 warplanes also participated, started on the island of Crete on 11 July. Foreign Minister Dendias, who went to the island today on the last day of the joint exercise and made investigations with the Chief of the General Staff of Greece, Konstantinos Floros, continued his statements regarding Turkey.

Dendias said that the goal of the Greek and US warplanes carrying out exercises over the Aegean Sea is to maintain peace and stability in the region. Referring to Turkey’s non-participation in sanctions against Russia, Dendias said, “The United States and Greece, together with all their allies, impose heavy sanctions on Russia by providing humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine. Except for one country, of course,” he said.

The Greek minister also referred to Turkey, which he often targets with harsh words, saying, “Our mobile region cannot afford another provocation, aggression and revisionist approach.”

The announcement by the US, which has rapidly increased its presence in the Eastern Mediterranean through its bases in Greece, that F-35s and F-15s will be deployed to the Suda base on the island of Crete, increased the tension in the already tense relations between Turkey and Greece.

Greece, which is trying to break Turkey’s military superiority in the Aegean Sea, is trying to prevent the sale of F-16s to Turkey, while requesting F-35 fighter jets from the United States for this purpose. The bill of the Greek lobby in the USA on the conditional sale of F-16s to Turkey was approved in the House of Representatives.


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