Hard words from Princess Charlène

There have been rumors for a long time that Charlène and Albert of Monaco have an unhappy marriage. Now the 45-year-old is commenting on it.

Various sources have already speculated that Princess Charlène lost her smile because of Prince Albert. The couple is no longer happy together and the marriage is only a sham.

The rumors about a failed marriage between the two have been going on for years. Nevertheless, the native South African and the 65-year-old can often be seen together at public events. They demonstrate solidarity. Even in a new interview, Charlène doesn’t want to know anything about a marital crisis.

“Everything is fine with our marriage,” said the princess in an interview with “News24”. The fact that she has to justify her relationship status is nothing new for her. Even before marriage, there were doubts about the authenticity of love. Kisses between Charlène and Albert were publicly labeled as inauthentic.

For the former professional swimmer, such rumors and claims are “grueling and exhausting.” She cannot explain why her marriage to Albert is often viewed so negatively. “It seems to me as if certain media or people want to see us break up,” she said, expressing herself with a harshness that she has not done before.

“I feel like they’re creating a certain narrative”

Charléne, who has nine-year-old twins Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques with Albert, suspects that she is deliberately creating an image of the sad wife. “If there are a thousand photos of me at an event, they pick the one where I’m looking down or not smiling. Then they say I look awkward or unhappy. I feel like they’re creating a certain narrative .”

Albert also recently emphasized in an interview with the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” that there was nothing wrong with a marital crisis. He simply couldn’t understand all these rumors.

After Charlène was stuck in South Africa for several months two years ago due to an ear, nose and throat infection and was unable to fly to Monaco, speculation about the end of the marriage became even more intense. When she returned to her family at the end of 2021, she sought treatment in a clinic for “physical and mental exhaustion”. However, their condition is said to have had nothing to do with a broken marriage, as the couple emphasizes.

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