Heidi Klum cheers at the graduation ceremony: school is over for Leni!

Yesterday she was just a little girl with cheeky blonde pigtails. Today Leni Klum (18) is a high school graduate!

On Instagram, Mini-Klum proudly published a photo of herself in a graduation outfit with a blue robe and a traditional mortarboard. The caption reads “The Class of 2022” along with a blue emoji heart. How nice!

One can only imagine how proud Mama Heidi Klum must have been at that moment: In her stories, the 49-year-old posted recordings of Leni’s graduation ceremony. You can see her eldest receiving her diploma. Cheers can be heard in the background, especially Heidi’s voice!

Clear the way for a worldwide modeling career! After all, Leni has been in front of the camera for two years, has adorned numerous covers and has been successful in large campaigns. But the 18-year-old is now focusing on a down-to-earth degree and wants to go to college after graduating from high school.

Her big goal: to study interior design and art. “I want to do both,” revealed Leni in a “Red” interview. “I want to go to college, preferably in New York. But I also want to continue modeling.”

“I’m sure my mom will call me every day and ask me, ‘How was your day? Have you eaten?’ She’ll always want to know how I’m doing,” says Leni.

But until then, let’s celebrate!

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