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Hurser Tekinoktay: After all it is a game, it all depends

italyOne of the experienced coach of Turkish football and commentator of NationalTurk Hürser Tekinoktay analyzed the second week of World Cup.

How can you analyze the defeat of Italy against Costa Rica?

Italy has a capacity of counter attacks against offensive teams. There are Antonio Candreva and Marchisio behind centre forward and two fast players. The biggest disadvantage of Italy is a lack of striker who can change the defensive system in the team, can struggle against the rival team’s monotone defensive system. I believe that Prandelli could not create an alternative way. You should play like a dominant team instead of a counter attack team when the rival team sets back. Italy will face problems as long as they do not change their defensive system against teams similar with them. Particularly Prandelli’s choice of goalkeeper is wrong.

It is not rational not to make Salvatore Sirigu play in the second match after the first and successful match. He was great in the first match by creating trust in his team. If your goalkeeper is such successful, it is nonsense to change your goalkeeper in the second match.

In your opinion, who should be preferred by Cesare Prandelli in Uruguay match, Buffon or Sirigu?

Good teams have only one goalkeeper and they only need 1 older goalkeeper in the bench.  There is Salvatore Sirigu who should take the opportunity from Buffon who should be in the bench waiting to play in case of need… I think preferring Buffon after Sirigu’s first successful match means lose of opportunity for Prandelli. We will see who is going to be the goalkeeper in Uruguay match.

What do you expect from Uruguay – Italy match?

After the successful match of Chile with the former champion of World Cup, Latin Revolution in World Cup continues with Uruguay and Costa Rica. The last part of the match was the most important part. After the injury of Alvaro Pereira, he did not accept to be changed. He showed how he could be effective even his injury. We will probably watch Latin and South America teams in the last matches. So for Uruguay and Italy match, they both have 3 points. This match will be challenging. One of the favorites of World Cup, Italy will do its best. Uruguay was off to a bad start but showed how it could be effective in England match. Cavanni and Suarez are the biggest chances of Uruguay. Pirlo, Balotelli and the strategy of Italy will determine the result. I believe that the better one is going to win without shocking surprises. After all it is a game, it all depends.

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