Investigations in Upper Bavaria: children’s bodies recovered from the Danube

A few days ago, a canoeist fished a plastic bag out of the Danube. Now the sad realization: The content is a child’s corpse.

A body found in the Danube last Thursday is a small child. An autopsy in Munich revealed that the dead man found above the Vohburg barrage was a boy of preschool age, the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria North announced on Monday in Ingolstadt. The identity of the child is just as unclear as the circumstances of death. Further forensic examinations are necessary.

The police in Ingolstadt set up their own investigative team to investigate the case. Further search measures on and in the Danube are also planned for Monday. An essential part of the investigation is the clarification of the question of where the boy died.

A canoeist saw something floating in the Danube on Thursday and brought it ashore with his paddle. It later turned out to be human remains. Emergency services had already searched the shore and the water on Saturday. The boy’s body was found in a plastic bag.

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