“Letzte Generation” is planning more mass blockades

The “Last Generation” is drawing attention to itself with sit-ins in Berlin. Now the climate activists want to change their strategy.

The “Last Generation” wants to find new ways to advocate for more climate protection. When asked by t-online, a spokeswoman for the “Last Generation” said that the group would like to move away from the many smaller road blockades in various places in the future.

In the near future, the “Last Generation” wants to concentrate on “larger, joint blockades/protests”. Specifically, it is about so-called mass blockades. All people are invited to take part in this form of protest.

Protests should be enlarged

People should be able to join spontaneously, other climate groups should take part, and there would also be room for speeches, creativity and, for example, concerts, said the press spokeswoman.

During a “Last Generation” protest on a highway in The Hague in the Netherlands, one saw how quickly “hundreds to thousands of people” came together. Future protests should also take place in this form.

“We have repeatedly adapted the forms of protest over the last almost two years. This is done for strategic considerations,” explains the spokeswoman. The “Last Generation” will not stop taking to the streets “until a political change is initiated towards a fossil-free Germany by 2030”.


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