The A-Team’ star Jack Ging dies

Jack Ging is dead. He died in La Quinta, California at the age of 90. / Jack Ging dies

His wife confirmed the actor’s death. / Jack Ging dies

Jack Ging died of natural causes on September 9, 2022 in La Quinta, California. His wife Apache Ging confirmed this to the US magazine “The Hollywood Reporter”.

Although Jack Ging had been an actor since the late 1950s, he only became known in Germany in the 1980s. In the action cult series “The A-Team” he embodied General Harlan “Bull” Fullbright. In the fourth season he made the special unit around Hannibal and B.A. life difficult. In the 1980s, Ging also had a recurring role in Trio with Four Fists.

But even before that, Jack Ging had earned a solid reputation as a solid character actor. He specialized in taciturn and hardened characters. The Oklahoma-born actor played such characters in a number of well-known series. He has guest-starred in series such as Perry Mason, Twilight Zone, Bonanza, Starsky & Hutch, and Just in Case.

Jack Ging was rarely seen on the big screen. An exception were films by and with Clint Eastwood. In “Hang him higher” from 1968, the two actors were seen together for the first time. Eastwood then cast him in his directorial works Sadistico and A Stranger With No Name.

Jack Ging has been married three times. The marriage produced four children.

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