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File photo of Murdoch attending Allen & Co Media Conference in Sun Valley

Murdoch’s comments, which are now known, are highly explosive: Corruption? Does exist in every London newspaper says the media mogul. Payments of the media, the police have long been common practice in the rest. British investigators now want to evaluate the complete recordings.

The scandal surrounding Rupert Murdoch’s remarks in an internal consulting with London publisher representatives expanding. An employee had secretly recorded a speech by the media mogul in which this manifests itself to the wiretapping scandal. In a clip gained by the British broadcaster Channel 4 has broadcast news, Murdoch stated that corruption among police officers is common practice for a long time. The British police have opened an investigation and wants Murdoch’s now analyze designs in ongoing corruption investigation, said a spokeswoman.

“Payments for memo notes of cops have been around for a hundred years,” Murdoch answered, according to “The Guardian” on the question of a journalist who thinks he is in the belief that this practice is not adopted, but to have “inherited”. Rupert Murdoch agrees: This culture exists “in every newspaper in Fleet Street” for a long time; in the London street is traditionally home to the British press. “That you have not initiated.”

The Murdoch quotes to the intricacies of police in the British media scandal become known at a delicate time. Just because Murdoch had to answer again before the committee who is dealing with the case.

Murdoch Scandal:”Compassion for his employees”

The London Police will now evaluate the complete recordings, said police spokeswoman Cressida Dick to members of the British Parliament: “We are aiming to the tape with the meeting at which Murdoch was apparently taken to raise. Then we will evaluate the full contents of the tape, “the spokeswoman said the” According to the Guardian “. The new investigations are part of the so-called Operation Elveden, the police investigated corrupt payments to employees of British authorities.

Parts of the movie were known already in the past week. For excitement especially Murdoch’s statement had provided that the police had been “totally incompetent”. All the hacking scandal, he downplayed and called him by relevance “almost zero”. On Saturday, Scotland Yard had officially asked the investigative internet platform Exaro to the release of the live recording.

Murdoch complained that in the talks among others about the harsh police action against his Miarbeiter, designated one of the senior investigators now as little surprise. In this way, the media mogul wants to “compassion towards his employees” signal.

In the wake of the revelation that at Murdoch’s tabloids had been bugged celebrities and members of crime victims over the years, several high-ranking employees were arrested by Murdoch’s media group News International. At the height of public outrage Murdoch turned even be a traditional newspaper “News of the World.”

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