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On the safe side, but quite clever: Director JJ Abrams has announced the occupation of his “Star Wars” film. The fans of the saga will be infatuated with a comeback of old heroes, the main roles are played by young actors from Britain.

Of course, a black and white photo. J. J. Abrams knows how to stage a classic, yet want to be a: with implicit nostalgia. The published Tuesday living room picture where the cast of the new “Star Wars” film in the cozy chat in large groups can be seen, reminiscent of old monochrome set photos from the seventies, those glorified by movie fans time when George Lucas the “Star Wars” the first major movie franchise created.

Abrams has experience in dealing with hardcore fans . The creator of the TV Mystery ” Lost” already renovated the “Star Trek ” movie series and soothed Skeptics with a keen sense of Fan and needs careful , deliberate casting decisions. With similar tactics of the 48 – year-old director has now also occupied his yet untitled “Star Wars ” movie, which is to come to the cinema in December 2015. Filming is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

That the old ” Star Wars ” -garde , including Carrie Fisher , 57 , Mark Hamill , 62, and Harrison Ford , 71, is allowed to play again , was already considered safe. Supposedly, it was George Lucas, after the sale of “Star Wars” rights to Disney only consultant on the sidelines , who scattered the rumors for the first time . Probably Abrams has mainly thanks to him that Luke Skywalker , Han Solo and Princess Leia now are actually back on the field again . What their roles are going to be about can so far only speculate .

Presumably, they are similar to Leonard ” Spock ” Nimoy in Abrams ‘ first “Star Trek ” movie, have distinctive cameo appearances .

New Star Wars Saga:The young British are coming!

You are not the only old acquaintance who compete for Star Wars sequel : The giant Peter Mayhew , 69 years old , will once again sing as a fan favorite Chewbacca be Wookie howl . Ten years older is much smaller Kenny Baker, who will play again the droid R2 -D2 – and also Anthony Daniels , 69, is as golden robotic butler C -3PO back again . Fans of the first three films , called the original trilogy , So can look forward to comebacks cherished characters and actors – what Abrams is expected to keep clear the back for the plot of his film and the occupation of the main roles .

For as George Lucas once modeled Abrams has chosen some fresh , mostly fresh faces as the main actors , especially the so far only in the British TV active Daisy Ridley , allegedly jazz singer , swimmer and dancer early 20th These come from the Sci- Fi comedy ” Attack the Block” (2011) John Boyega known , also British, and Domnhall Gleeson, the movies played in the last two “Harry Potter” a Weasley brother , an Irishman . All three are to assume significant roles in “Episode VII” . Abrams is following the rampant for years in Hollywood trend , new talent preferably to recruit from the UK .

To these three newcomers around Abrams builds a team of reliable , already established artists : Gollum actor Andy Serkis is so that may be speculated that extraterrestrial fantasy figure he will take over . If it gutläuft , it is a descendant of the Jedi Yoda schoolmaster or a relative of the villainous giant toad Rich’s Jabba The Hutt . If it goes bad , it’s a targeting on children’s entertainment joke character like Jar – Jar Binks .

To this end, Hollywood veteran Max von Sydow , 85, whose sinister charm will presumably give a Sith Lord or similar gloomy figures character joins . Adam Driver is the intellectual community television as the only – known male member of the ensemble series ” Girls” – but very striking . And finally, will star Oscar Isaac one of the most talented performers in recent years. The Singing a melancholic from the Coen Brothers musician ballad “Inside Llewyn Davis ” is supposed to play a kind of Han Solo figure.

So it seems as if Abrams pretty much every demographic group thought the casting of the ultra – fans will also get their money’s arthouse friends and TV freaks. Only women come , and the one perhaps involuntary Lucas reminiscence , striking too short. Carrie Fisher and Daisy Ridley are the only performers in an ensemble mostly old men .

First, however, Abrams seems to have found some way for a successful revival of “Star Wars ” saga properly. And with screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan , he also has the man with ” The Empire Strikes Back ” , the script of the most popular part of the original trilogy jointly responsible . Can there still go wrong ? A lot . May the force be with them.

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