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Plane crash in Red Bull Air Race

A plane crashing into the famous Swan River in Perth Australia during the Red Bull Air Race was captured on amateur Video during practise runs.

Video of Plane crashing in Red Bull Air Race in Swan City, Perth, Australia.

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The competition which is sponsored by Red Bull and viewed by people all over the world, sees pilots expertly manoeuvre through the air and do acrobatic stunts.

Red Bull Air Race Crash Swan City - nationalturk

However one of the pilots, Adilson Kindelmann, was going through practise runs before he crashed into Swan River in Perth where the competitions Australian Leg was going to be held.

The Brazilian daredevil was fortunate not to be seriously hurt and escaped the crash with minor injuries.

An eye witness who spoke to NationalTurk said “It was shocking, I could not believe my eyes, one moment his flying through the air and the next we see a great big splash.

Rescuers standing by the river rushed to aid the pilot who is said to be new in the competition. Officials are saying he is very fortunate to be alive as if he had gotten stuck, he would have most likely drowned as water pored into the area where the pilot was sitting.

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