Princess Kate donated her hair to cancer charity

A few years ago, Princess Kate, who is now suffering from cancer herself, donated her hair to children and young people suffering from cancer.

London – The cancer of Princess Kate, who is only 42 years old, is causing a stir around the world.

Against this background, a gesture from the wife of Crown Prince William (41) from 2018 takes on an even deeper meaning. At that time, she anonymously donated part of her hair to help children and young people with cancer and was still unaware that she would soon share their fate.

Princess Kate, who suffers from cancer: a visit to the hairdresser encouraged her to donate hair to younger patients

As reports, the Sunday Express cited a royal insider at the time. He is said to have revealed that Kate, who is now said to be even closer to King Charles, who is also suffering from cancer, than ever before, came up with the idea of donating her hair through her hairdresser Joey Wheeler. At that time he advised her to shorten her mane quite a bit. In the end it was said to have been 18 centimeters, which she donated to children and young people with cancer.

Furthermore, the Sunday Express’s source is said to have stated that Princess Kate donated her hair under someone else’s name. “The organization should not know that it is a person from the royal family,” the insider is quoted as saying.

Princess Kate anonymously donated her hair to children with cancer

The “Little Princess Trust”, to which Princess Kate is said to have donated her hair, provides free real hair wigs to children and young people with cancer who have lost their own hair due to cancer treatment or other illnesses. They also invest in childhood cancer research. As Gala reports, the organization is said not to have known who the hair donation came from.

According to Hello! said: “Of course we are all delighted that she donated her hair and we are very grateful too, just as we are grateful to anyone who chooses to support the charity in this way. We assume that she may have sent the donation anonymously.” There is no statement from the palace about Princess Kate’s hair donation. Princess Kate’s cancer is also said to have an impact on Meghan Markle. (cso) Sources used:,,


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