Psychologist reveals list of Amber Heard’s lovers

A new piece of evidence was presented during the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. A list she made with her therapist provides a glimpse into the actress’ love life.

It’s now hard to list every single allegation Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have leveled at each other in court. The Hollywood stars are suing each other for defamation six years after their divorce. It revolves around violence, abuse and drug abuse, among other things.

The most recent piece of evidence used was a list prepared by Heard’s therapist, Dr. Dawn Hughes is from. The psychologist listed all the people with whom the “Aquaman” actress had an “intimate relationship”.

“I didn’t feel anything then”

But it’s not the “good guy” Travis she dated when she was 16 to 18, the “Catholic Eduardo” she didn’t have sex with, or the “funny” Valentino that are the focus. Neither does her brief fling with a Mark in Mexico, or her five-year relationship with photographer Tesya Vaan Ree, who precedes Depp on the document. It revolves around the names of two other famous men.

It is known that the 36-year-old was with entrepreneur Elon Musk after her failed marriage to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star. The note attached to his name during a therapy session is: “My heart was broken, my soul was dead and I felt nothing at the time.” The stars met at the Met Gala in 2016, according to the paper.

Johnny Depp was jealous of Hollywood star

A “JF” will also be performed in December 2015 – Hughes confirms under oath that this is actor James Franco. Next to his name are the notes: “Friends – grew closer – but actually wanted to be with Johnny”. According to the therapist, Heard said during the session that nothing intimate had happened between them.

This point is interesting because Heard reported that her ex-husband was said to have been pathologically jealous of Franco. The American had been in front of the camera with him for the film “The Adderall Diaries” in 2014, they had mimicked a couple in love. Depp had accused his partner at the time of having an affair with her castmate and there were said to have been serious arguments between the former spouses.

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