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Queen Elizabeth II. of Scots referendum: “Think carefully about the future” / UK News


In a few days the Scots vote on whether their country should remain part of Britain. Queen Elizabeth II has. Now made ​​tentative suggestions about how they feel about the referendum.

So far, Queen Elizabeth II. Has retained her opinion on the referendum in Scotland. The decision for or against the independence of the country was solely a matter for the Scots. But now they will have broken their silence about the vote.

“I hope people will think very carefully about the future,” she said after a church service in the Scottish Balmoral, a reporter from the “Times” According. The words of the Queen could be interpreted as a sign of independence supporters to be very careful when it comes to separate the strong links with the United Kingdom.

Opponents of secession hoped, however, on a clear appeal to the Queen, to give buoyancy of the “No” campaign. But the impartiality of the sovereign was an Uncommitted principle of democracy, Buckingham Palace was notified. “Any suggestion that the Queen would like to influence the outcome of the forthcoming referendum, is fundamentally wrong.”

The latest survey results suggest that the majority opts for the membership of the United Kingdom. In a statement issued at the weekend survey of more than a thousand participants, 47 percent were against the independence, 40.8 percent voted in favor. Nine percent are not yet decided, and 3.2 percent did not respond.

In another survey by the newspaper “Observer” reported 47.7 percent of respondents to want to vote against independence, 42.3 percent were in favor. The numbers would be similar to a survey by the pollster YouGov, which was published on Friday.



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