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War in Northern Iraq: U.S. pushing Bomber “Islamic State” back / Breaking News


Kurdish Peshmerga fighters appear to have an important victory against Warriors of the “Islamic State” in Mosul won – thanks to massive air strikes the United States. Warplanes bombed the militia also near a major dam.

Kurdish fighters have recaptured in northern Iraq, a strategically important mountain of the radical militia “Islamic State” (IS). The reports the BBC. Thus, to have been killed on Saturday in the battle more than 30 IS-fighter. The Kurds would be strongly benefits from bombing the USA.

A representative of the Kurds declared the transmitter, the US-Help make a “big difference”. The success on the mountain Zartak is an important step to recapture the city of Mosul of IS. The militia had taken the city in June and held since then.

U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida said on Saturday, in the past two days, the terror militia was attacked again with fighter jets and drones. It had destroyed several vehicles and damaged others. Overall, had been flown by the United States so far 133 attacks.

War against Islamic State:Many killed in attacks by the Syrian government army

On Sunday flew US warplanes also attacks on positions of the IS-militia near the Haditha Dam. This is to prevent the dam to the Islamists falls. The air strikes were requested by the Iraqi government, whose troops are apparently hard pressed on the structure of IS-fighters. The attacks should also serve to protect Americans and their institutions, said an unnamed member of the U.S. government called the news agency Reuters. The Haditha Dam dams on the Euphrates and is about a hundred kilometers from the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Many people fell at the weekend airstrikes government forces in Syria for victims who attacked an IS-stronghold in the north-east of the country. A Syrian human rights organization reported solely with the impact of rockets near a bakery in the town of Al-Rakka were 25 people died. It also civilians had been killed except IS-fighters, including several children. Dozens were injured, so that the death toll could still rise. Other activists reported 35 dead and over 40 injured.

Overall, the Syrian air force is said to have flown eight attacks, the current was turned out in the city. Al-Rakka is one of the most important centers of extremists who hold in addition to parts of the Northeast Iraq about a third of Syria under their control. The Syrian army had lost the strategically important military airport Al-Tabka their last bastion in the region to the jihadists.

War Against Islamic State:UN Security Council calls murder of Sotloff “abhorrent and cowardly”

The UN Security Council condemned the weekend the “heinous and cowardly” murder of journalist Steven Sotloff by the terrorists. It was further stated that the murder of Sotloff ask again the brutality of IS proof, the grouping must be defeated. The Americans had been beheaded by a member of the “Islamic State” in front of the camera, the video had caused horror world, the United States threatened retaliation.

At the Arab League, the United States advertise under its common position against IS. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, spoke with the head of the Arab League, Nabil al-Arabi about the threat posed by the jihadist group. A senior representative of the U.S. State Department said both politicians saw the “necessity” of a “strong stance of the Arab League and its members in the nascent coalition” against the terrorist militia. Important was a decisive intervention to stop the influx of foreign fighters to the IS, its funding sources and its agitation and recruitment. The international fight against the IS must be conducted primarily in Iraq, there is proceeding the “front line”.

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