Responses to possible Britain withdrawal from the EU : “Goodbye, Great Britain” / UK News

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron speaks to the media with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel at Downing Street in central London

The free movement of EU citizens is inviolable – that the federal government has made ​​unmistakably clear UK information. The report provides giant vortex, the reactions are divided.

Britain’s Prime Minister is currently under tremendous pressure. A cartoon of the British newspaper “Telegraph” is clear: With a red face David Cameron caught between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and UKIP leader Nigel Farage, threatening to crush him. Overwritten is the comic with “Freedom of Movement”. The “Independent” writes in German language on its front page: “Goodbye, Britain”.

Reason for the article is a report of media, which has caused a stir in the UK. The federal government holds therefore a first exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union for possible. Cameron’s background are hints of wanting to introduce a quantified rate of immigrants from EU countries to the UK.

This would be in clear contradiction to a central part of the EU Treaties: free movement of persons. Cameron should insist Merkel will adjust your efforts to keep Britain in the EU, so the MIRROR. This would be a “point of no return” is reached, it said in government circles, Hereby shall Merkel in a four-on-one meeting with the British Prime Minister at the edge of the latest EU summit no doubt have left.

On Monday reiterated government spokesman Steffen Seibert this attitude again: “The great good of free movement within the European Union is not negotiable for Germany,” he said in Berlin. However, he added that “there is a strong interest in a joint work, potential problems with the use of the movement – the abuse – jointly address”.

UK – EU Relations:”Britain comes first”


PM Cameron moves in view of the forthcoming general election next May is currently a hard line – also push back the anti-EU UKIP party. According to British surveys his victory is in danger. Cameron to the Spiegel report not yet taken a position, however, an employee announced a speech by the Prime Minister on migration to before Christmas. He stressed: “You can be sure that for him always Britain comes first.”

The reactions of other British politicians were divided. British Finance Minister George Osborne was unimpressed by the irritation of the EU partners. “The British people want this to be addressed,” he told the BBC with a view of the immigration policy. “We do this in a calm and rational manner.”

Criticism of Cameron’s plans comes from the former Justice Minister Kenneth Clarke: “If we have a meaningful internal market and to compete with the Americans and Chinese, then we need the free movement of workers.” This is absolutely essential, he told the “Guardian”. All multinational companies would otherwise look for other locations.

David Davis of the Conservative Party, Cameron, the Tories, told the television channel BBC, Merkel was an important figure, but “no iron lady”. He referred to the fact that the Chancellor would also domestically in the immigration question under pressure.

Critics were skeptical of euro politicians. Jacob Rees-Mogg of the Tories said: “It is increasingly unlikely that a successful negotiation is possible I am very excited about what the Prime Minister is doing now..” And UKIP leader Farage said loudly “Daily Mail”: “The next logical step is to abandon the negotiations and convene an immediate referendum.”

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