Romanian champion gymnast sexy Florica Leonida turned high class prostitute. Photos / Magazine News


The talented Romanian gymnast  Florica Leonida become an elite prostitute.(Photos)

A former silver world medallist, and silver European medallist she also won gold on the beam and three silver medals at the 2002 Junior European Championships.

Celebrated Romanian gymnast Florica Leonida was unpleasantly surprised by a number of colleagues and fans when it was learned that working as an elite prostitute in one of the Viennese brothel.


But after giving up the gymnastics, Florica, who is also known to friends as Floarea, became a prostitute in Germany before moving to neighbouring Austria.

She works in the sex industry under a different name, currently residing with another girl in a Viennese brothel.


In the photos on the brothel website, Florica covers her eyes so she will not be recognised. She changed her name after Romanian media found out about her recently and now operates under the pseudonym Sascha Brown.

Story Florica Leonida, 27, of Bucharest, is told by the tabloids in western Europe. Young says he quit gymnastics in earning a few hundred dollars per month as coach for the oldest profession in the world. reports


He took the easy way because it is nature to a great look as well as talent from which she could not live. At least that’s hard because it says that in one night as a prostitute can earn up to a thousand pounds, and a gymnast is in the best days of earning a few hundred a month.

There’s only 27 years old so that more time can be lengthy for a job that works, a job that took her gymnastics. A gymnastics was very good, but as a 13-year-old is now established in the senior competition at the European Junior Championships 2002nd won four medals, one of them gold, at the World Championships in Anaheim is the 2003rd was silver in the team competition.


Last higher score recorded 2006th in Volos, where he won the European silver, also in the team competition.

Therefore, a prostitute is more than it was a gymnast. Bucharest is gone already 2006th, just as he reached the last great success, and who gave her the knowledge that with a lot less effort can earn much more, is not known. It is known only that the “career” began in Germany, where in one weekend knew earn 6500 pounds. Then he moved to Vienna, where the atmosphere is “calmer”, but because earning “only” a thousand pounds a night.


Half their earnings sent the family in Bucharest, which means that it is really survival was one of the motives in crossing the water. Thus the whole case should be considered in the Romanian gymnastics union because it could go through Leonidas and the other girls.

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