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Brazil World Cup Starting:Croatia striker Ivica Olic “Then the whole world will talk about us” / FIFA 2014 News

Olic of Croatia fights for the ball with Coulibaly of Mali during their international friendly soccer match in Osijek

Provides Croatia in the opening game against Brazil for the first World Cup surprise? Striker Ivica Olic talks about his age, his friend and coach Niko Kovac and the Fascist salute the room Josip Simunic colleagues.


– Mr. Olic, you contest the World Cup opening match against hosts Brazil with Croatia

Olic: … and this will be a great evening! I do not know how many billions of people will watch it. And everyone already sees Brazil as the winner not only in the opening game and in our group, but in the whole World Cup. That is our chance. We have enough quality to make a good game and show the whole world what the little Croatia is capable of.

– Is it an advantage that you have to take the same at the beginning against the strongest opponent?

Olic: When I saw this at the draw, I still thought: Why? Why? Against Brazil, 99 percent of fans will cheer on the other team in the stadium! This is not easy. Today I think it is but actually great. If we lose, all will say: That was to be expected. But if we succeed as a surprise, then the whole world is talking about us.

– However you your strike partner missing in the opening match.

Olic: That’s right, Mario Mandzukic is blocked by the red card in the relegation match against Iceland for the first game. That’s a shame. Mandzukic is a hugely important player for us.

– He is not the only failure in your team. Defensive stalwart Josip Simunic missed because of a fascist salute after relegation match even the entire World Cup.

Olic: And he also was one of the most important player for us. Josip Simunic If you look behind you, then you’re the same kind of quiet. It is a pity for him.

– What are you thinking about his action?

Olic: We were long rooms colleagues in the national team. In my opinion, he had no idea what the subject has for a scope. I did not know himself. Our fans sing the (fascist Ustasha slogan -‘s note) in each game.

– As a team, you have a very close relationship with the fans in Croatia. Some Croatian fans are apparently nationalist. How do you assess that?

Olic: I’m sure that just as we did not know players that this is forbidden, she knew probably the majority of the fans do not. We have hot-blooded fans, but we have no fanatical fans.

– Before the relegation there was a last minute change of coach. What has brought about the new coaching duo Niko and Robert Kovac?

Olic: First of all, they have taken care of discipline. That’s what we needed.

– They are now 34, also Germany has with Miroslav Klose an older striker. He is 35 and is regarded as an ascetic, who prefers the ice water instead of a sauna. What are your strategies ways to stay fit?

Olic: I do everything exactly as I did it with 25 (laughs). I am not oriented because of my years of life. Instead, I always look in training: How much am I wrong? How many sprints I’ve done? And then I see: Top three in the whole team. The years of life are not important, what counts is the statistics (laughs)

– Fitness will be necessary: Croatia must also compete in Manaus, in the Amazon region. What do you think about the game in the jungle?

Olic: In Manaus, the humidity is so high that it is difficult to breathe properly. And in the evening, when we play, it can also rain. The biggest problem is that with Cameroon we have there an opponent who is such a thing actually used. The temperatures are those closer than we Europeans, which also plays a major role. But it does not help: I want to get on! In the two world championships that I have played so far, we are always the same kicked out.

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