Salma Hayek gets emotional about her daughter’s birthday

On the occasion of her only daughter's 16th birthday, actress Salma Hayek shared private family photos - and was very emotional.

Salma Hayek has a daughter with French billionaire François-Henri Pinault: Valentina Paloma Pinault was born in 2007. The parents’ wedding followed two years later.

Valentina was already celebrating her 16th birthday. Salma Hayek congratulated her with a touching post.

The actress published a video on Instagram in which several clips and photos were strung together. It mainly shows Valentina as a child, including in a partner look with her mother, at the fair or at a ballet performance.

Salma Hayek wrote emotional words to her daughter: “Today my baby turns 16 and my heart is bursting with love, pride and gratitude for the day you were born,” she began her text and continued: “We Those who are lucky enough to have you in our lives thank you for making us stronger with your courage. For filling our lives with laughter and joy, with your cheeky humor.”

Valentina also seeks the spotlight

Salma Hayek’s followers really liked the post, flooded the post’s comments section with heart emojis and offered their congratulations. Celebrity companions such as actors Anthony Hopkins and Zoe Saldana and model Linda Evangelista also congratulated Valentina on her big day.

Today, Valentina no longer looks like the little dark-haired girl with big big eyes. The 16-year-old is now a young woman and now has a blonde mane. She appears in public more and more often: she has accompanied her mother to red carpet events several times and was photographed with her in the Mexican “Vogue” when she was just 14 years old.

Salma Hayek poses in a bikini and skin-tight skirt

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