Scholz and Trudeau seal hydrogen agreement

Chancellor Scholz and Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau have agreed on close cooperation on the energy market and on supporting Ukraine.

A hydrogen agreement between the two countries is to be sealed today.

The fact that the Chancellor stumbled slightly when walking through the honor guard was the only visible bumpy start to his visit to Canada.

Both countries want to work together more closely than ever before in the energy sector and in helping Ukraine to defend itself against Russia. Both are dependent on each other, emphasized Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

“Canada needs a strong Germany, and Germany needs a strong Canada.”

Trudeau wants to check liquid gas deliveries to Germany

Cooperation in the energy sector is also important beyond the crises into which Russia has brought the world with its illegal war of aggression. It is about coming to a world without fossil fuels as a community of values ​​in the long term.

Trudeau agreed to check liquefied gas deliveries to Germany and Europe.

“Canada already exports a lot of LPG and oil to the world market. We realize that there is a lot of demand right now because of the energy crisis initiated by Russia – even if the world has to say goodbye to fossil fuels.”

Special attention to the hydrogen

Trudeau pointed out that some of the plans for LNG terminals on Canada’s east coast have not been economical so far. That could have changed with the new world situation. Trudeau pointed out that the gas deposits in the west of the country had to be transported relatively long to the east coast. Europe could only be supplied from there. However, the government is looking at how it can facilitate the approval process.

Energy cooperation is particularly important when it comes to hydrogen. Chancellor Scholz also emphasized this. Canada has promised Germany help:

“And that’s the other way around, but for countries like Canada, which share the same ambitious goals when it comes to climate change, it’s important to know that this question is being asked by a country that, like Canada, is planning a carbon-neutral future. ”

Hydrogen agreement to be sealed

The fact that the energy industry is concentrating on green hydrogen is not a dream of the future, emphasized Scholz. That might go very quickly. Today Scholz and Trudeau want to seal a hydrogen agreement in Newfoundland.

On the subject of aid to Ukraine, Scholz emphasized that support from Germany and Canada continued unabated – militarily, financially and politically. Reconstruction is an important task. The world community must set the right course for this in good time.​

Chancellor Olaf Scholz vacations here
Scholz, Draghi and Macron on the train to Kyiv

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