Shipwreck in the North Sea

Several people are missing after two freighters collided in the North Sea.

The accident occurred between the islands of Helgoland and Langeoog. The accident command assumes that one of the ships sank.

Two cargo ships collided in the North Sea and several people are missing. One of the freighters apparently sank after the collision, as the federal and coastal state accident command announced in Cuxhaven. Numerous ships are currently searching for shipwrecked people.

The collision between the cargo ships “Polesie” and “Verity” occurred at around 5 a.m. in the German Bight, around 22 kilometers southwest of the island of Helgoland and 31 kilometers northeast of the island of Langeoog. One person was rescued from the water and is receiving medical care. The accident command assumes that the “Verity” sank, while the “Polesie” is still buoyant with 22 people on board.

Cruise ship supports search

Two sea rescue cruisers from the German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked Persons (DGzRS), an emergency tug, a so-called pilot tender, a boat from the water police and a helicopter from the German Navy are taking part in the search. The emergency command also had a sensor aircraft fly over the sea area.

A cruise ship traveling in the sea area is also supporting the search. People could receive medical care there, it was said. Doctors are on board. Additional medical personnel were to be flown to the scene of the accident by helicopter.

The 91 meter long and 14 meter wide “Verity” was reportedly on its way from Bremen to Immingham in Great Britain. The 190 meter long and 29 meter wide “Polesie” traveled from Hamburg to La Coruña in Spain.


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