“There’s blood everywhere”: Heidi Klum falls on air

While recording a new episode of "America's Got Talent", top model Heidi Klum fell - and suffered a deep cut on her leg.

It’s not just in Germany that Heidi Klum is an integral part of the TV landscape, the model is also extremely successful in the USA. Among other things, she is a judge on “America’s Got Talent” and has been for around ten years. An unpleasant incident occurred while filming the show: Heidi Klum fell and then had to receive medical attention.

On Instagram, the 50-year-old first appeared to be in a good mood on the way to the studio – then followed a video that she had posted of her colleague Howie Mandel. In it, Heidi Klum can be seen at the jury’s desk while doctors take care of her. She has a fairly large cut on her leg with blood running out of it. “We’re in the middle of recording and suddenly it falls,” explains the comedian, while singer Mel B. summarizes: “There’s blood everywhere.”

Heidi Klum apparently did well. The model mom was already in the mood to joke again after she was temporarily treated with a plaster: “I’m okay. I’m so glad no one saw it. I lost half my toenail,” she gives the all-clear in the clip .

“It burns like hell”

She then filmed how her wound was disinfected and taped up. “Are you kidding me? This burns like hell,” she shouts, whereupon one of the doctors states that the injury will definitely leave a scar.

Fans were worried and wished Heidi Klum a quick and speedy recovery. “Oh God, Heidi! I hope you’re doing well”, “Is she okay? That must be bad pain” or “Oh no, that’s a big wound. Hopefully she gets back on her feet quickly”, are among others read on Instagram.


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