Start of the 4th Season:US HBO channel collapses under onslaught of “Game of Thrones” fans / Breaking News


It is again intrigued, fought, killed: The fantasy series “Game of Thrones” is back. For the US network HBO began the prelude to the fourth season with a glitch that angered many fans.

A gray screen, the logo of the streaming service HBO Go, nothing else. Many US fans of “Game of Thrones” did not see on Sunday evening the start of the fourth season of one of the most successful TV shows of all time. But only gray. Or a aufpoppende excuse such as, but these screenshots “” show.

“It looks as if we have problems in the Kingdom,” tweeted HBO Go. “We are sorry for the inconvenience.” About 20 minutes later, followed the next Sorry: “Problems do sorry.” Debt was the “overwhelming demand” for the season premiere.

In fact, it was one of the hotter see test series comebacks: Season three was with many open questions – come to an end – and many deaths. As it goes with Arya Stark on, which has lost in the bloody “red wedding” half her family? What happened to Jon Snow after he has left the wildlings beyond the wall and Ygritte girlfriend goodbye a few arrows got missed? How powerful is the Dragon Lady Daenerys Targaryen?

Game Of Thrones 4th Season:”Someone is going to die”


So many questions – and at times so little answers. The more angry the fans were : ” . While I ‘m waiting for the series finally loads , I just read the ‘ Game of Thrones’ books It looks like I can create all ” tweeted a user . “HBO Go is down … I can ‘Game of Thrones ‘ do not look … Somebody is going to die … ” wrote another . A social media editor of the ” New York Times ” took it with humor : ” After all the money I’ve paid for it , I really am annoyed by the service HBO Go , I told my friend a whole beer for his password. bought , ” tweeted Daniel Victor .

It was not the first time that HBO Go could not cope with the crowds . Not even a month ago, the service was collapsed during the final of the TV series ” True Detective” . Even then it rained criticism of the fans. HBO Go has been around since 2010 , it is the streaming service of the U.S. pay HBO – home of successful series like “True Blood ,” ” Boardwalk Empire ” or ” Girls” . In Germany, the service is not to receive , but on Sky Atlantic shows a lot from the program. So also “Game of Thrones ” .

In Germany, the broadcast of the first of a total of ten episodes of the new season started on Monday in the original English version on Sky Go and Sky Anytime, from 2 June, it is then also visible on Sky Atlantic . And it is believed the motto of the fourth season , this should not be less bloody than their predecessors . ” All men must die ”

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